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  • > @inzomn1a said: > (Quote) > We don’t care if it’s change or not, we are top in the server as is. With two teams made up of 1/3 alts. ****, you want to increase it, go ahead for all I care. all your **** accusations are false because you are losing to alts. we are using alts as a second account and not to what you claim…
  • Thanks, I had wondered why there hadn't been a speedworld in awhile. Yes I forgot about PTE.
  • The Firestorm servers are where EA tests new things for the game, seems like changes this drastic would be better suited for those worlds. There hasn't been a Speed Server in awhile so that could be interesting.
  • Lol I know, I wasn't expecting an immediate reply :) I'm actually very satisfied at how fast the developers have been replying. Players here need to take a step back and realize it's only been a week since this thread started, so if malus did indeed get reduced, then that was an incredibly fast change.
  • Players are commenting that it seems easier/faster to dig suddenly, and that the devs lowered malus from +4 to +6. Even though a base may say there is 60% malus, etc., your army will get through the defense much easier. Or at least, this is the perception. Could we get confirmation that malus was indeed lowered (even if…
  • > @M8u8r4r4a0796 said: > dude they totaly launch worlds without malius if you do not like the malius , like me id rather shoot my self . just do not play them.well i guess unlessyou just like to have something to talk about in forum. i get that. i am bored alot too This is an inane comment for multiple reasons. a) No one…
  • Yes, please reduce the malus. Guys are getting bored with all the farming we have to do just to move a few fields forward, or else blow two day's worth of CP and RT to kill just one base with higher malus. We're almost at base 4 and every alliance on the server is still stuck in the outermost ring on the map.
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