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  • methuselah wrote: » Other than the power issue I prefer the old economy personally. The power issue can't be ignored but I played both rule sets pretty extensively and even with the power issues, which are ridiculous, I had/have more fun in the o…
  • This is what happens when you allow free to play leeches and they have no clue about the history or current F2P business model. My primary suggestion is to delete all free to play forum accounts or restrict them to the PTE forum and server.
  • duplicate thread to say the least
  • https://www.tiberiumalliances.com/rules
  • Offensive units should only be disabled if the command center is below unit level or missing.
  • Dead horse; https://forums.ea.com/en/commandandconquer/discussion/comment/1998539#Comment_1998539 https://forums.ea.com/en/commandandconquer/discussion/comment/2031863#Comment_2031863
  • 6TheGhost7 wrote: » > @rushhhhhh said: > Anyone looking into this? After spending hrs trying to reach a solution and speaking to 3 EA Advisors, nothing was accomplished. I just kept getting bounced around from one dept to another, ignore…
  • Completely sell the army then. You are not allowed to sell repair buildings or have a comm below any unit levels.
  • EE_Elephterion wrote: » I'll have to investigate if this is really the case.... Enact a minimum of 10 posts and 6+ month account to be able to vote and/or filter by same.
  • Less than 1% were affected and the exploit has been known for 7 years. I suggest you reread the EULA, where it states with crystal clarity in multiple locations this style of game play is disallowed. These accounts getting wiped off the map was th…
  • ty, I see it. About to steamroll a few players.
  • EE_Elephterion wrote: » Soixie wrote: » The devs have stated repeatedly in multiple threads, including this one, that older worlds did not receive the new patch regarding sub rules, including the 30 day resubmit. The fact that your sub timer…
  • gamerdruid wrote: » The roll out to older worlds seems to have thrown up a BUG! I'm confused, has 19.1 been distributed 100% yet?
  • The math is simple here, I'm not understanding the problem. Bases repair an average of 11% / day + base heal when respawned. One thing that isn't mentioned here is purchasing power, selling off the base and rebuilding it. I've seen 100% repaired…
  • Updates to the game are performed for the betterment of the community as a whole and this exploit was a big one. Yes, there are a few players who decided to take advantage of this exploit and their accounts shall be effectively reduced to ruins if…
  • Players exploiting game code by deleting their DHQ and DF (or selling/rebuilding to level 25) are now complaining they are getting railroaded as having no defense? Perhaps you shouldn't have exploited the game to begin with. Or better yet, perha…
  • YulsEast wrote: » Thanks. To be clear, will these rules not be enacted at all on older worlds, or is it just that the timers have only now started ticking, and a new substitution will need to be issued once 30 days are up? The devs have sta…
  • SzybkiBill88 wrote: » i repeat this is a Tactic Game with cooperating all 50 ppl in alliance.... if the system of loot will be only good when you kill base alone i do not see future for playing as a team.... everyone will be looking only for himse…
  • countless threads on the topic (the horse is dead); Envision has made it clear one of the points of the game is to solo all kills. Using multi-attacks lends itself to a positional power play for a POI or potential cheating. Both of which are ou…
  • ...sorta makes sense, as there is no difference in power between SiC or CIC except in title only.
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