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  • Shields drop during PVP and will not protect you from PVE.
  • Choosing not to join an alliance is a personal choice and in no way a disadvantage in any capacity. Join an alliance or form your own to receive the benefits of POIs. The Game was purposely designed to provide massive benefits of joining an allian…
  • Boot them from the alliance and destroy the base blocking you, this provides many benefits;* You can create a base where your marker is * Gets the attention of the player pretending to be dumb (they are actively ignoring you through passive aggressi…
  • Normally happens when there is a communication disconnect between your device and the server. You likely have an unstable connection and the server is unable to validate your commands. This is also caused by unstable scripts, which the server sees…
  • (Quote) It's a faked MS Paint hack job for all we know. There is nothing anyone is going to do here to prove anything differently. I've personally seen 3+ ruins back to back in PVP + Forgotton, it's extremely common. The proof is clicking on th…
  • Try tomorrow. We'll need more information and a screenshot of your base and available resources. Too much going on here and not enough info.
  • Normally happens when players cross kill each other within 24hrs. Common in active PVP environments. The explanation is clear as day, but OP chose not to provide the ruin details. Simply click on the ruins for the details.
  • (Quote) Tunnels work in two phases currently; a) Must be triggered b) Level I'm suggesting that b) should be linked to the player (or player + tunnel), not just solely based on the tunnel as it is currently coded. Essentially, level 45+ tunnels w…
  • (Quote) The contest rewards RT during base kills under the right circumstances. I can't imagine how 7 D RT to a level 46-48 offense is a benefit of any kind in a level 65 war environment. There appears to be no limits to what people complain abo…
  • (Quote) What bonus, power, skill or advantage of any kind do the badges provide again? The business model of "contests" is related to the basic comaraderie of "one upmanship" and giving everyone a trophy. It slows growth and p…
  • (Quote) eh, it's a waste of CP. Don't sugar coat it. Badges are worthless and on established worlds, we use it against our enemies. If killing fortress and competition badges provided extra offense or defense power per original game design, we'd…
  • You've been attacked 71x in 10 days? Perhaps you should make peace with your enemy. You do realize this is a war game and not Farmville yes?
  • The competitions are for the youngins, not us. For us and most of the established community (L55+), it's simply a waste of CP.
  • No GD clue here either. Some hacking script maybe. I know All-In-One allows you to change base level to test influence, but nothing described above is currently available that I'm aware of.
    in selection Reply by Soixie April 16
  • Agreed, I'll be using the CR to transfer resources across the world eventually.
  • To receive a badge, your alliance_identification_number must not have killed fortress previously. Simply changing the name, swapping some members in/out does nothing. You must physically leave the alliance, create a new one from scratch and kill f…
  • One can only shield their base when it respawns from death, sector jumps or new to a world. Shielding isn't a strategy per-se. There is a methodology where shielding is a strategy, but we're talking expert level skill in player vs player mode. Ev…
  • (Quote) This base used to produce 1.1G/hr power, now it produces 275M/hr Pwr + 1.2G/hr CR (Sorry, not RP). http://cncopt.com/40yv I would do harvesters/Silos except for the fact they are worthless in old economy and we're still at world war. Sil…
  • The all-in-one script shows production status. I'd be somewhere around 20G/hr, but I've cannibalized all my 65/65/65 bases for Research Point production.
  • (Quote) don't hold your breath! haha

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