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  • PVP PATCH 2.1 To avoid PVP Point farming, we are eliminating points gained for any kills lower then the 10th ranked alliance, this includes PVP Points, Bounty Points and Badged Players. After considering the possibility of cheating this is the solution our development team prefers.
  • PVP Points rules. Player Base Kill Points: +11 level=20 points +10 level=20 +9 level=19 +8 level=18 +7 level=17 +6 level=16 +5 level=15 +4 level=14 +3 level=13 +2 level=12 +1 level=11 Same level=10 -1 level=9 -2 level=8 -3 level=7 -4 level=6 -5 level=5 -6 level=4 -7 level=3 -8 level=2 -9 level=1 -10 level=0 -11 level=-1…
  • PVP PATCH 2.0: Effective on new servers with the ruleset Hellstorm! Hellstorm servers will come with a variety of new and challenging rulesets, that will force players to make crucial decisions on their journey to the center of the map, while offering multiple approaches to becoming the first alliance to defeat the Tactus.…
  • > @EE_Elephterion said: > Greetings Commanders, > to circle back to the original post, this would be somewhat similar to the Elo-system that is also used in other competitive environments. There is certainly some merit in the idea I think. Especially if Player-Loot is tied to that Score, to ensure only "worthy" opponents…
  • PVP Rules Patch Notes: No PVP bonuses will be available until 1 week after server start. Credit for killing a player base can only be issued once every 24 hours.
  • BTW nobody "won" this WCS, it will forever be remembered as the WCS that never was.
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