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  • Same here, getting error code 500. Hope Elepterion gets onto it asap.
  • cant comment on schaffa and co gameplay, wasnt there for wcs. They aern't unbeatable, I've seen a couple Nvidia get their **** handed to them a few servers back. As for country to country funding, they do catch people now and then, we had one guy in our team advise he was caught and had his account disabled permanently,…
  • tried to add the basescanner fix as above. got error code as follows; line:1510 Char:3 Error: 'console' is undefined code:800A1391 Source: Microsoft jscript runtime error
  • I see your point, attack/combat simulators would be a good example of preferential choice but wouldn't the common ones like basescanner, Attack range indicator, MCV timer and compass movement/coord locator be key staples for inclusion in the game itself? Q2) Do the various updates by EA risk the scripts becoming unstable?…
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