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  • Why not totally back to basics with ZERO POI? That would maybe shine some new hope on a bit of PvP too. With no bonus difference is then skills of the many/individuals.
  • Guys just give up trying old servers and everybody start a new one. Sorted :smiley:
  • Yes its an account name change its the same account on all worlds so name will be the same on all. Change one, you change all by default, there is no hiding. If you wish different names on each world you will need to start a new account on each new world you start. For info if you have any badges on your account and you…
  • Ok sending dead bases to the "rim" might be decided too brutal so then what?? What can be done to make things different? Well, since i already suggested no bonuses while in PvP why not allow bases to attack pretty much as soon as you respawn them? No need to wait for alliance bonus as we will no longer need bonus for…
  • PvP incentive or not - If you kill an enemy base that is sat on a POI Will result in that alliance losing the bonus gained from that POI (nothing new there) but that team then cannot recover that POI for 24hrs whether they kill you or not. To recover lost bonus they need to kill bases sat on other POI of similar type or…
  • @gamerdruid i also can't see a direct or easy solution the only thing i can think at moment is more and more servers all starting at same time or running at similar times. The thought process being with multiple servers starting more often then the players that would normally start many accounts may indeed think there is…
  • Yeah but some other team will do a copy cat. Within few days we will see a clear leader and then few days later all others will be wing alliances. Happens all too often now. ;-(
  • Sorry to burst your bubble of hope but with only one new server available it will be the very same as the last server launched, well maybe not quite the same hopefully they get the "time" correct this next server lol
  • I don't play forgotten attack servers (I don't like them) I do like no forgotten attack servers for PvP but only when lead alliance does not have 10 wing alliances, which seems to be the normal now lol
  • @gamerdruid you are right this is another thread going nowhere because nobody cares to direct no body care to lead the community and nobody is brave enough to admit the game is dying or brave enough to tease where the future of the game is. So for now you are right this thread and game have no direction sad but true.…
  • I'm betting just lazy targeting. Marker placed on base "kill this target" better just to place it in area. Then again your team is against Clowns Titans and they do have spies in the Horny alliances so maybe the base was intentionally placed on the marker knowing that you could not target it with marker on it?? ;-)
  • lol game is dead and EA are now quite happy soon they can close the door. funny thing and kinda ironic is it is all the big spenders, the guys that love the game, that have killed it.
  • or just don't place markers on bases
  • lol i couldn't even see what your viewing window was but "marker" was my first suggestion to you ;-) I also got him to remove the auto protect script
  • Yeah we all know the blueprint, it is maybe time somebody tried to boost game and re-write it? hehehe ;-D
  • There is no cheating. The game mechanics allow it and the way we play in allows it. For most players it is not a way they wish to play so most are disgruntled and turn away from the game. The only real solution whether we like it or not is to vote with our feet. STOP playing the game STOP funding. Project guys may have…
  • do you have a marker on his base? do you have alliance bonus on your base? did he have a bubble protecting his base? maybe i need to tell him to disable the auto protect script?
  • Game bonus is mostly all about hitting forgotten camps outposts and bases. Oh and lets not forget a nice defence bonus when getting forgotten attacks. Hows about levelling the playing field for PvP? Hows about ZERO bonus when engaged in PvP? So when you are at war it really does mean the best fighter (or luckiest) wins the…
  • OK How do we make that "will" happen? If the community can help by voice then the community needs direction on how it can make that voice heard by the right people. How do we make the developers know what ideas we like or are interested in? We are not even sure they know we have ideas. If they do, do they have a list? Can…
  • I assume these ideas (great that they are) would involve considerable code to be written? Or could it be implemented quite easily? I like the idea that if you are killed you are sent the rim that would make things interesting especially a war close to the middle. That could really change things and shake things up. That…
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