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  • something like set of bases could be integrated on elite server, so you select your set which you want to play with, making set is quite clever, because you won't be able to take care of all sets, so it's up to you and your time I already wrote about this, there should be a freeze time for an alliance, unless 3/4 other…
  • well many things were added to original idea, i let it go anyway as players wish it, but I would add also following: if you read my first post, you will understand, that i suggested to "teleport" a player to a new server, not to start from scratch, because you have badges. All MMO games have areas for players with…
  • > - What will the 1st team do for - very long - months without other team on the "ranked" world? they will probably leveling, but it is not difficult to restrict their movements before some other alliance joins, maybe there could be a restriction, that 3 alliances should join to release everyone from movement, also…
  • I do agree, that those who made it to the fortress first should be rewarded. I would suggest a gift package, something like 100 Command Points and repair time supplies. Also this kind of gameplay could break the idea of multiple alliances to become friends.
  • It means EA is not listening to the community. It's not implemented. Once i hold fortress no one will ever can come close, only if i allow to. If multiple alliances decide to reach it together, they don't need to spend any money, only when they really reached the fortress. With giant circle, which destroys bases, who…
  • i have nothing against playing with same group over different servers, the ability to do so should stay as it is, what i am trying to say, mostly, these are same players who start game over and over, new players are not really welcomed in this game, you may see new players who try it, but in the end they will quit it, and…
  • if it's so, why the hell servers are still active? what's the whole point? and the idea of fortress is getting lost, why not just stick to a server, where any time new alliance can be born and reach the fortress and also fight with players who are already playing there of course, i could just create a player on every…
  • one more year to grow, no thanks, that's not the way how mmo game works, new world should not define how game ticks, the game rules and gameplay does
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