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  • I agree with Druid-To the victor goes the spoils. Instead of punishing victors, howabout finding a way to defeat them. If an alliance wins the server, they can control it as long as they are able imo. THAT, to me, seems fair.
  • I like the current format. It is challenging. Although it can be frustrating when you pick the wrong alliance and end up locked out of the middle. However, a confederation of alliances can overpower a controlling alliance if they really want to fight for it. But to just throw your hands up and cry about the winners is not…
  • I witnessed the whole farming issue on W92 . However, there is surely another way to fix the problem. Like the Diminishing return rule. If same alliance kills same base within 7 days, use a diminishing return along the lines of 1st-100%, 2nd-75%, 3rd-50% 4th-25%. Any other kills after 4th yields 0% within 7days of LAST…
  • That last line in my post should have read: I have no incentive to play on a new server because I don't want to be punished for PvP.
  • I am all for the King of the Hill format: To the victors go the spoils." Just as in life, there are winners and losers. If you are on the losing side of a server war because you failed to win; deal with it and move on to the next server in the hopes that you can do better if it bothers you so much. Now, I would like to…
  • I really wish that we could score RP for PvP. It has become somewhat counter productive to attack other players now.

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