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  • huhh is this topic about wcs? :D what's for me, sadly nvidia/shaffa/mara can make an good, disciplined team from 3 alliances, who do what has to be done.. others, sadly not. 3party scripts - game tricks - know hows.. all can use em and follow, th…
  • hey;) is it possible to announce level of morale for worlds with this feature..? (as i noted moderator and developer here)
  • LOL, dudes.. there was forum before this about morale lvl .. strange there were no posts about it.. my thoughts - morale -4 - it's pure farming, forgotten base kill it's just an "cheap" outpost.. starting with morale -7 - does, with fun t…
  • this is an simple and good solution.
  • hope we still talk about patch 19.1 ;).. have to say, that allowing to attack base from same alliance is AN BAD IDEA, as you can easy make 2 alliances and for first 2 weeks use like 30% of members as alts. So, only option, that could be somehow as a…
  • Ehh.. problem is, that game is FUNNY and involves money ;) and i like it :blush: About ingame info Have to say, that i never played wcs for serious, as there were no 3 alliances to stand nvidia team (which is defo great), but on wcs2 i started no n…
  • Huhh.. as i noted during combined base attack research points are also reduced.. ehh.. i would say, limited timer for 2weeks would be the best solution. i know alt specialists will appear there, but they will be hardly disturbed, cause starting boos…
  • I agree, that patch is cool ;) but please get back nod/gdi base kill's .. it was real fun and attraction.. and i will not 100% agree with the idea, that u can make alt's in same alliance.. u need most of the big and trusted guns from the 1st min as…
  • another good option.addition would be, if penalty would be "activated" if base is attacked from an different alliance, as keeping alts in main hurt a lot .. jeah this would be an good idea about 2 weeks of limitation.. as this is the time…
  • hey! what does this bot really does ? LOL best regards!
  • huhh havin some trouble with log-in also.. https://www.tiberiumalliances.com/home noted, that sometimes i need to clear cache of google chrome (66.0.3359.181) sometimes i reswitch scripts (CnCTA SoO SCRIPT PACK) strange thing is, that i do not se…
  • starcraft II... that with 300 clicks per minute recommended skill.. with a bit of an brain included.. insane lol
  • gamerdruid 910 POSTS MODERATOR April 18, 2018 10:11AM methuselah is a moderator here (like me), he couldn't make the changes so can't change it back or adjust it further. Sry.. could not find an reply to post option.. ;) Then you (moderators) are s…
  • Hey EA.. our good opponent is leavin.. save the game !!! i hate farmawille and "boss" mode.. it makes brains to fall out from the head ;( lol. Keiser, please wait for extra 24h.. please ;)
  • ur missing emotions ;)
  • and support is not reachable.. uhhh... :'(
  • same here;(
  • morgen my funny things sm... nahh.. ;) are u on pte?
  • Thx for info;) and can u pplleeaasse remmove that spammer...
  • thx gamedruid for such an fast response;) 1st part of the questionnaire was a bit of a joke , for sure.. but 2nd... i have to learn a bit to be more precise;) is this world planned as "normal world" with 50lvl hubs and 500 fields, or like…
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