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  • Hi, I just checked this evening (on FS14 and T42), the script itself is working fine. You just can't receive your token ingame right now because the system in charge of sending these messages must be down atm. It usually happens when EA Auth API is…
  • This game needs an ingame vote feature, where the devs could ask all the players in the world if they can change some rules mid-game, and players could vote "yes" or "no" or "don't care". This way, you'd be sure that every people actually connecting…
  • Hi, Just like EnergizerD4 said : if it works it's thanks to me, if it doesn't, it's because of him :) I don't add feature to the spycnc actually, not enough time, but i still maintain it a little just so it can keep running. Usually i receive a co…
    in Spy-CNC Reply by bloofi May 2020
  • Hi, @gamerdruid The problem is that the Login hasn't been working for everyone like you said, therefore the unfairness. Our competitors made profit of this situation because they had some lucky guy who could connect and do what he wanted without a…
  • Hi, Here you can update Baseinfo so it loads in the new worlds hosted at "cncapp" urls. Also, the 3rd party message sender appears to be working right now so you might be able to request a token to authenticate your baseinfo. http://spy-cnc.fr/CNC…
  • Hey, i join this discussion a bit late, and don't even know if this is the right place to post that but here i go : Building upgrades : (when multiple choices, you can only choose one and stick with it on the world) Yard : - Repair upgrade : decrea…
  • Well, i've clean my cache, cookies, etc, and i still got click misbehaviors (with no scripts activated). I'll stick with my polyfill until the devteam corrects this issue.
  • Hello, Apparently a maintenance has been performed on the world i'm currently playing on (Tib 32) on March 22, but i still got issues. I have to click dozens times on every buttons to actually have them working (i have this behavior even with no sc…
  • Just throwing in my 2cents : Put a cooldown on the attack button after a certain amount of hits on the same player target (just like the 50min cooldown on the fortress). It will stop not only the base locking, but also the taxi offenses (ex : after …
    in PVP. Reply by bloofi May 2017
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