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  • We have tested for the possibility that defense/building layouts of camps, outposts, or forgotten bases depend on your army, or some other actions of yours. The data rejects that assumption. The layouts are random, and independent of whatever you have or do. They are just randomly generated. There is no AI.
  • for nod works like a charm, for farming, or digging, and for pvp only need to build extra reckoners instead of scorpions for gdi farming or digging something like this, but you have to keep more points (than nod) in replacement units and decoy units and switch them a lot more depending on the layout of what you are hitting…
  • seems to work now, thanks! https://i.gyazo.com/aa5587540ab3cf4efcfe4694ec3d1990.png
  • On the map, on top of bases or camps or outposts it shows who is watching/simming at the moment. and whether they are online or away. So you know visually who is simming what.
  • Any chance you can fix TargetWatcher script? http: //chertosha. com/ Allscripts/ TargetWatcher.user.js
  • 4 days later: Nothing has changed. The problem did not fix itself.
  • nothing unusual, 1 resource field is often close to the edge.
  • Is it only me, or has TACS stopped working since the patch? Has this not been tested on PTE?
  • we have not even received the prizes (only the funds) for the 1st badge yet :)
  • The way the game works is as follows: If there is anything forgotten in range of your base, you will get attacked by forgotten. Anything that is forgotten (camp, outpost, base) can attack you. How often that happens to a particular base of yours, and how many waves hit you - depends on how many forgotten bases are in range…
    in Wavy Reply by chertosha March 2022
  • I agree with gamerdruid, this has been suggested many times with no results, most likely because that's really complicated and the developer team does not have resources to do it Actually, when looking through game data from the beginning there were variables suggesting a third faction called scrin, just like in some other…
  • This was a response to chad's request of doing a particular experiment - playing in top alliance that uses alts, without using them myself. The point being to check how alts help individual growth relative to team. The answer is not much. Of course being on a top team helps relative to not being on one, digging faster…
  • you know nothing, John Snow :)
  • Look, I'm telling you from experience. On wrath 27 (FA no morale, with project) I did exactly that experiment - started in same sector as everybody, used strictly 0 alts, not even layout search. Was still in top 5 all server and highest offense at fortress. Now the trick with starting in a different sector and relocating…
  • that is probably a hint of which one of us is having a more distorted view :)
  • come on, look at the roster, i'm on it too :) the horde mentality is not a feature of the game, it's a feature of humans, no patch can fix that :) we've seen that before so many times, even in wcs 2015, all the top players gathered on one team, competition not showed up but sadly this topic you are raising is unrelated to…
  • my 5 cents, on two topics raised in this thread First, "Adding a multiplier to base resources depending on the number of unique attackers that have hit the base. So for example, the first player to hit a base will get 1x resources. When a second player/alt starts hitting the base, they get 1/2x resources. A third, 1/3x and…
  • one thing that might change the dynamic quite a bit, and I think is worth trying out on some future FS world what if resource poi gave bonuses in percentages relative to your own production for each base, rather than in fixed amounts right now it's unbalanced: when the world is young, your own production is low, but…
  • he relocated so he doesn't lose the bubble for 24 hours unless he attacks a player
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