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  • ah man you are so dumb , you told us to block ip , anyway if people in the same college or family are playing together because you don´t care , you only think about yourself because you actually believe that you are the **** main character in this game so be quiet and play with your project 2.0 alt alliance
  • you all just cry about project... maybe wait and hope that bruell is quitting after wcs i mean he got everything he ever wanted , he won the laziest server of all time with his 500 player team and now he could be happy and we got luck and he will leave this game so we can finally play normal fa worlds... never forgett that…
  • Bro what the actual **** are you talking about... at first i will never understand how you are the n.1 project enemy , but you and your friends are also playing with alt´s and if project is playing with 5 alliances they are killing the game , if your team does it , it´s nice i guess? You need some serious reality check...…
  • i had the hope that bruell will just stop playing after this **** wcs...
  • i hope the planlos team will save the money and time and just leave the server... maybe winning the wcs after 3days without 1 enemy is finally the one thing that they need to use their brains and notice that they are killing the game...
  • The devs here act like our good old german SED
  • choose a sector and i will be their
  • is their no actual team playing on wcs to beat project? i mean i would join a german or english team with good intensions but i didn´t heard anything
  • bro i got no **** idea what you are talking about , do you mean project with "them"? Can´t figure out what your specific application with this thread is lol
  • Maybe you should shut up , without prehitting you are nothing so don´t talk like you are something special , you are insanely trash in this game buddy
  • I just want you to know when any mod or developer tells you that "A new world needs time"... that Firestorm 16 after the Fire15 desaster was made in like 3days but yeah , i guess it´s kinda hard to make a new world :smiley: I don´t get why it´s so hard for the people here to be open to the community and speak some honest…
  • Sounds like we should get some more worlds in december to enjoy lol
  • bro you serious? just disband all alliances on the server , make the nod/gdi alliances and the Leader will invite the Member it´s not that hard , some alliances with alt´s often make a new alliance to get alts again in the alliance... i hope you are just making fun
  • My acc is base lvl 10 and i read something about 10k funds for every acc base lvl 10 and i want them! lol
  • I´m also done with this game here , i did not played Fire15 like i wanted to but watching and it was enough for me... but GamerDruid you are the reason why this game is dying... hwo the **** do you think are you to give comments like "when we don´t like this server we shouldnt play it" i hope ea read things like this... we…
  • Nice game ea
  • Had the same some time ago.... everytimes when i buyed funds with my 2nd account i became 90k and with my main always only 50k... don´t know if they fixed it but it´s a but weird for a company like ea :D
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