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  • half the world gets stuck killing level 12 bases while a couple of quads get to rp farm off level 22 bases. This world is so unbalanced and so unfair. Your best bet is to restart it and give us all compensation. It is what ea would do. Email them ask them. There all about fairness among all players. Thats all we ask for.…
  • Everyday we have login issues. Can we at least get the basic feature fixed. Dealing with login problems since i came back at the start of the corona virus. Out of all the online games i play this is honestly the only game i have login issues and receive things like 505 error and such over and over. You want to calm your…
  • Don't worry guys and girls. It is summer. The developers are to busy with vacation. You know ea employees have more vacation time than work time. Can't wait for ea to come crack there whip over these extreme errors we are having on all fa worlds..... Tib 51 is only the icing on the cake compared to the errors we have been…
  • My point exactly one run and you can only collect the resources of the amount of defense you have killed. Even when hitting buildings.
  • lol whats 15%. Here let me loan you one attack. Can only give you one though in this team playing game.
  • haha worst part is they took the team work out of the game with loot sharing. Now teaming a base is the worst thing you could do for your account in a team game LOL Bring this back and increase the resources in camps and outposts and watch other alliances rise to power and the same two alliances stop winning every world.…
  • (Grabs Popcorn) :hushed:
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