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  • the latest patch a complete disater as usual. no one can log in to subs , mail glitches. the list is endless. sack the lot of them and get in people who can make the game work., everyone upset
  • its just not good enough. these guys have mucked up the servers.holiday season or not these people should not be at home with family having turkey and family. they should be at the office 24/7 sorting it out. its a business and we pay money. you gu…
  • its a complete disaster. we were promised better service and it gets worse.the infected camps also not distributed evenly.
  • you do know the whole game in uproar. after the botched launch of 37 and slow speeds on all servers everyone complaining. i will be dismissing all game developers and moderators if you dont get it together. people very upset and rightly so.
  • thanks guys i really dont mean to be rude or disrespectful, you know how much time and cash some put into the game i was able to get into FS10 via firefox, but not chrome. i appreciate your time boys. diplo
  • more login probs on FS10 and others, sometimes they just wont load. and if they do sometimes youu cant attack or you cant upgrade. we were promised better service with the new servers, its a nightmare. everyone dreading the next patch. its not just …
  • i cannot log in FS10 dont you clowns realise i cant chat up my game want to be boyfriend.
  • they are depriving me of the pleasure of your charming company closer.it just will not load . (FS10)
  • its totally out of control. even the forums dont always work. EA get your butts moving, you have my cash. i cant log in at all...
  • the new servers a complete nightmare. i cant switch worlds. no point phoning EA they say they will compensate you for issues then do not follow through with what they promised on the phone. its a nightmare for serios gamers lol...
  • tib 15. world 94. dont do screen shots lol. im a foot soldier not very technical :)
  • now i cant relocate lol, the button does not show. also chat problems, i can drag the box up so it works. the patch interfering with my gameplay. hey EA i give you loads of cash, please look at it especially relocate. i am no newbie, its frustrating…
  • update. no refund, no contact. not going to waste hours on help getting nowhere for funds :(
  • some important scripts not working on some worlds, always problems when there is maintenance. i have lost funds this time too. after an agonising time on the bad EA live chat they said i would get my funds back. its not just me, many folks online gr…
    in 17.4 Patch Reply by diplo3 May 2017
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