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  • The biggest impact on the result of the last championship was affected by insufficient time to study the features of the new patch. You can’t change the rules before starting the game. Of course, language problems create additional difficulties, more experienced players quickly adapt to changes, and if they get…
  • The patch increased the rollback time, but not solved the main problem - the ability to keep the POI under the protection of bubbles.
  • There are ruins, but for some reason only on one side)))
  • So we’re playing now just so that you don’t feel bored))) Just on the interactive map that Mediv88 made (thank you for the work done, but do not consider yourself smarter than others), at no one time did there be such a number of satellites in one sector. And I voice the point of view that is voiced in our communication…
  • Is this theories conspiracy? Can you count? This game loses a lot of good players, due to the doubts that everything is honest here .... Nobody likes it when they cheat on him, for his own money.
  • Unfortunately, developers are hardly trusted in honesty and impartiality. While Schaffa stood in the center - there were only 2 codes on the entire map. Then 2 codes fell to the east and Schaffa left the center. After that, they regularly receive codes for which they do not have to fight in the sectors east and northeast.…
  • For some reason I can not believe it. Now the 6th satellite has fallen to the east. Exactly where Schaffe they are needed))). So it will continue until they take all the codes they need? No need to hurry - let's play another 1-2 years)))
  • SE and SW - so that everything is fair :D
  • Only in sector E - 5 sattelites
  • It turns out that the player who lost the battle is in a better position than the one who defeated him. Do you plan to give awards to losers?
  • Of course, you can use third-party resources and scripts from the side. But you do not think that you are often accused of cheating, because you use scripts that others do not have. Better that all this was already from the developer built into the game.
  • As an option - for such small maps limit the number of possible sector changes (3-4 times per server). To avoid suspicion of cheating, there should be statistics about who and how many times changed the sector.
  • An interesting situation turns out - the developer Envision has stopped responding to all questions. Schaff players protect them very much. Even an independent observer will have questions for the impartiality of Envision ... Guys - you promoted the rule changes in your favor ... just admit it and calm the gaming…
  • We are discussing various issues. I blame you for getting information from the game developer, not about sharing information between players. I'm not saying that I am top player. I have already said - I go just to enjoy the game. By the way: the fact that you are a top player did not particularly help you in several server…
  • If we were allowed to kill the bases of our TOPs in order to make jumps on 40 cells, we would have lost the territory that we dug up and spent RT and CP would have been spent in vain. Therefore, obtaining information about starting a challenge is a very important insider information.
  • Therefore, I am writing here that I do not believe in the accidental beginning of the Spring Challenge. I am not a top player. I go into the game to have fun. But if I see that the Shuffa Top players need 1-2 jumps to start getting repair time, and the Novice Top players need 6-7 jumps - I begin to doubt that the start of…
  • The game is not designed for pre-shots, not designed for covering ... what else is it not designed for? When the Spring Challenge started, even the Novice players had to go back, and the Shuffa players had already slowed down in digging at that moment and got repair time at the right moment. Coincidence? - I do not believe.
  • I spend my personal money and time in a fraudulent scheme ... Evision changes the rules of the game during the game. This brings a certain profit to a certain group of people ... Why does the Invision not change the rules for my requests? What is the principle of discrimination? By language or national?
  • And why do you think that what the individual player or a small group of players tells the developer is the right change? If you communicate in voice in German - this communication is unfair to the rest of the gaming community. The developer can run a survey in different languages ​​in different sections of the forum. If…
  • Why should they comment? For them, all is well. And for Envision we are not so important)))
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