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  • i have the same issue, but i have found a work around, i use the "options" tab, "my games" then i can change world that way.
  • this is just bad news for players on old worlds. i have 50 % subs in an alliance on 2 old worlds. without these, those worlds will die. old friends login everyday and chat, we regularly hit the fortress on w47 and kill it. again, without these subs,…
  • Thank you. so following this, does that mean the level of the fortress can be reduced too? so it can be changed from lvl95 back down to lvl85?
  • Thank you, w21 access to the subs is now working fine, until your patch makes the changes to the subs.
  • hello Elephterion, the access to the subs on w47 is now ok. we did the fortress again this weekend. the problem i have is still the old w21 , i am still getting a login to player account error.
  • so please confirm, you have to wait 72hrs, after the fortress has been rebuilt, before you can move back into the fortress area? i waited 24hrs after fortress was rebuilt, moved a test base inside the area, and it was destroyed.. there is no warnin…
  • hi gamerdruid, i cannot access my subs on the old w21, we do hope to still go for the fortress there, and can only do that with my subs. i have not tested all the worlds i still play.
  • heres a novel idea to stop multi accs, just allow a 1 or 2 hour per acc per day for everyone. so you cannot sit and play the game all day feeding off alt accounts. simples
  • when this patch is enforced on the old servers, i shall stop playing. Thank you EA (or whoever) this was the last game i still spend money on. i do play the old servers, with friends made 7 years ago. Many of whom have left the game. i hold many of …
  • lol..
    in 1 Reply by eugeneJvan October 2018
  • you are correct gamer, camps and outposts never repaired. so moral of the story is... dont leave burning camps/ outposts.
  • ok, i just found another update, that it is a bug. all is good.
  • hello EA what have you done? and why? it has been working perfectly all these years! this was the only game i have continued to spend money on, because it was value for money (i have played a few and spent £1000's on those games) , but now, you ha…
  • hahaha , a data centre? i bet these EA servers are in the garage somewhere. hopefully not flooded out or snowed out. but this outage is taking sometime. maybe a sign for us to look for an new game??
  • this happened to us on world47, we destroyed the fort, the markers did not appear for 3 days. most of us still moved away from the fortress, but a few stayed, and after 3 days, lost all their bases. very soon after the markers appeared on their base…
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