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  • It hasn't changed. It has never appeared during an attack although the keyboard shortcuts do work. What has changed is that the 'new' movement arrows remain visible and working.
  • Your understanding matches mine. You jump, you move back.
  • Veterans, by default, get to see shared forums. Officers, by default, get to see shared forums and get to adjust the rank of lower players (eg from Trial to member or veteran). They also, by default, get to invite players to the alliance and to ch…
  • It was un-occupied but was claimed in the 'higher' group forum and by the placing of a base close by. No-one else but the members of a particular alliance can see the claims in the forum. You can't see claims in other alliance forums.
  • PTE is back with 19.4 for now.
  • @nhsdude2012 You were removed because you had landed on a satellite code that had been claimed by someone else and hadn't logged in for a while. A small group is controlling the PTE, I agree. But that has been the case since the start of the PTE's…
  • Select 'world' at the right top of the screen. This displays a world view. Select 'relocate' and this displays a different view of the world, broken down into sectors. Select the sector you wish to jump to. At the bottom left of the display shoul…
  • There is a 'cheat' going around that has existed for quite some time. Obviously, as it is a 'cheat' then I can't share it here. Check in your alliance with an experienced player, they will may know of the technique. It doesn't always work, but it…
  • Try running in compatibility mode - it is an old game now, even though it is still available to purchase. If this doesn't work, try contacting EA customer support where there may be a solution available.
  • There seems to be regular issues with purchase of TA funds. The only place that this can be resolved is via EA help desk as referenced in other posts about the same topic.
  • Try clearing your cache, cookies and browser history. That type of problem is generally resolved by doing so.
  • The forum and in-game names are meant to be the same if it is the same account. To change your name (in both places at once) you go to Origin.com and login there.
  • Whilst it is accepted by many that no FA with Morale is a 'classic server' some who have been here a long, long time remember the true Classic servers without Morale and without FA.
  • The only place problems with funding can be resolved is via the official EA support pages.
  • Sounds like a connection issue. Try logging out completely, clearing cache, history and cookies and retry.
  • Usually when a unit is greyed out it means that it has not been researched.
  • Unfortunately, as a moderator I have only the same ability as you to contact EA about this matter. My interaction is almost exclusively with players and Envision staff, @EE_Elephterion and enigm who also read these forums.
  • The discussion on world-wide pricing has taken place before. Mexico and Russia were the places where their currency was weakened and the cost, in relative terms, was reduced. Pakistan and Palestine are other places where this happens too. The s…
  • You may see my statements as justification for an increase, I see them as an explanation. Look at the exchange rate of the Pound v Dollar (only one that matters for the British costs) over the last 3 1/2 years.
  • As a new world, rather than a classic new world, opened only a few days ago I doubt any more will arrive in November.

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