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  • Screenshots will help. The screen shot should be of the splash screen after the killing of a base and include the details on the left showing your research points. Two successive kills will be needed to show that the rp's aren't increasing.
  • POI's are the same, but the bonus has been adjusted.
  • https://9to5mac.com/2021/07/22/dns-outage-akamai-steam-chase-and-more/ Highlights why there may be problems. It's not a game problem, nor even an EA problem this time but a major network supplier.
  • Absolutely - I take no responsibility if the game falls over, I don't work for Envision or EA nor have an influence on how it works. However, I don't take the money either! Over the years I've been involved with moderating the forums and playing the game nothing in regard to how EA operates regarding money has changed so…
  • Long term players shouldn't be surprised at snaffu's happening, especially during the European night. It is very rare for funds to be used in compensation. Compensation is normally reserved for major outages (of many hours) - over the 9 years you've played you should know how these things work!
  • I sleep! :wink: but the hamsters are going to get fed again so that Tib 49 stops misbehaving. It should be back to 'normal' soon.
  • Yep - it's the same for everyone who doesn't have their EA location set to US. :D You can set your location at the bottom right of the login page or on EA.com bottom right after scrolling down.
    in login Reply by gamerdruid July 21
  • It was always going to be unbalanced in the centre. I agree, let's avoid FS15 farce where things kept changing mid-game. As @xxsly says, it's up to the CiC and the alliance to decide if it's worth fighting over the few higher POI's and to move to do so. This is, after all, a war game, not a game where everything is fair to…
  • Unless the Chromebook runs Windows you're unlikely to get it to work. Chromebooks have a special BIOS and it's own operating system. Good luck on getting it to work!
  • https://prnt.sc/1bqyk4f this is in the South sector - if you're jumping from the edge of the forgotten area you go back some X squares and there are no available spaces until the edge of the world, the seaside. You can't land in the area with the X and O in it, they are new base landing spots. There isn't an area around…
  • You may have played since world 3, however small worlds don't have a lot of space and you would know that. It's easy to see that you won't land anywhere close, all you have to do look a the area (without scripts). There are (or were when I looked) very few gaps between the edge of the forgotten area and the landing places.…
  • When relocating it is normal to check roughly where you will land. As this is a 'small' world the empty places are very few at the start of the world and so you end up on the seaside. I'd be surprised if experienced players had this problem as checking would have revealed the lack of available spaces.
  • You can relocate using the button 'world' at the top right of the screen. If you can't see buttons at the bottom after selecting a region to jump to then zoom out to 75-50% and it should reveal a button and a check box. Be aware, that on worlds where you have previously been away for around 2 years or more then you may not…
  • If it was down, then it is back up. It would have been an unplanned outage as the time you posted is during the early morning (2:16am) in Europe where the game is managed.
    in PTE Reply by gamerdruid July 14
  • Yes, they did a brief update - I had the normal tutorial attack and it was about 24h after that I was attacked.
  • It can take a while - I wasn't attacked for a long time.
  • You can change your location by going to ea.com - you don't need to go to the TA pages at all.
  • You're also given credit for the solution! I wish we could claim credit for the deal in the end, but we have had no discussions, other than on here, about the compensation with anyone. My view was always to leave the world as it was. As I have stated a number of times, in this thread and at other times of disaster on a…

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