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  • Command points have been stored by players who have been on the PTE for many years without the need to use them due to the command point cheat. Some slight unevenness in distribution has been caused by players joining the current PTE after the firs…
  • This is an easy one - as already detailed here - if you zoom out (on a pc it is ctrl and -) within your browser you will see the required tick box and button. Harder to answer is why it is needed on some worlds and not others within the same accoun…
  • (Quote) EA were officially informed around 8am UTC by Envision - it took them around 12h to rectify the situation. I agree, it is a basic required of management that the customer can pay! Individual help desk staff may not have been aware.
  • Please note that the language for this forum is English: We use translation software to understand other languages however they aren't always accurate so if something seems wrong in the replies then it could be a translation error or a nuance of th…
  • This isn't their only game and probably not their only issue. Yes, it is a coding/software issue (more than likely) but who knows which staff are tasked to solve it and from where? Working from home is ok if you're well but it is possible the small…
  • This is a common problem that they are aware of. It is EA that manage the funding system so all Envision the game developers can do is contact them and hope there is a timely response. During the current pandemic their response times may be elonga…
  • Question: Have you used the reporting system to highlight the problem in-game? I know you sent the details via messaging but have you done so via the reporting system too? There was some very specific verbal abuse thrown around in chat, it was co…
  • Seems it doesn't work in Edge today either
  • Searching on other worlds may be a way forward. Join a world, look and see if he is on the world. There are a lot of worlds so maybe asking in world chat on a few recent worlds will show if he is active or someone knows a world where he is active.
  • I think the original poster misunderstands the purpose of the PTE. It is not an area to test scripts or techniques but a test area for the developers of the game to see if the changes they make actually work. It is their Public Test Area/Environme…
  • It's just not possible to leave unless someone else active in the alliance can reduce your rank.
  • (Quote) A new world started recently and another starts on 1st April - maybe start there. Millions are sitting at home worldwide and can play one or more accounts as time and money allows. If a world is 'dead' because you can't kill the fortress,…
  • Well, my estimate was wrong! Wr25 is now accepting new players and the text now states a max of 5000 not 10 000 so it looks like the found the issue and came up with a solution.
  • There is already a limit to the time that a substitute can be played, 50% of the time on a world. Unfortunately the system isn't perfect. The ability to control other peoples accounts via substitution is more important now than ever because of the…
  • Next MCV is part of a script, disable the script that is displaying the info
  • It's now not showing as a world that can be joined. Best estimate is Monday afternoon - but it could be before then - as it is a weekend, not that they can go anywhere or do much else :(
  • They are aware of the issue happening again and are investigating. Expect a reboot.
  • New world launching with FA on 1st April! https://forums.ea.com/en/commandandconquer/discussion/256624/new-tiberian-44-world-starting-april-1st#latest
  • If the relocate screen isn't fully displaying, use the zoom out (ctrl and - on a windows machine)

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