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  • It's not the only revenue stream for either organisation as can be seen from their respective websites.
  • This game, Tiberium Alliances, is a browser game so you need to be online. I suspect the OP may be in the wrong forum.
  • It probably won't solve the problem, but updating your version of Chrome may help. Mine is "Version 104.0.5112.81 (Official Build) (64-bit)"
  • If you are the only member, then you can disband by going to the 'Overview' section of the Alliance tab, then to the 'Properties' section where there is an option to disband.
  • Does it happen if you play a lot without scripts running?
  • Hmm. Which world is this and which ID are you using in-game? Without these how do you expect much help?
  • I'm glad it is resolved. I understand the issue with translation sites. They do well, but sometimes do make errors.
  • I'm not sure what you're trying to say - it doesn't make much sense! Essentially, once you've paid EA for funds they are not refunded. We can't solve funding issues here.
  • Unfortunately we can't do anything about funding issues. I don't think that EA will help as it is a mistake on your part and not a fault. The only thing to do is grin and bear it or try EA help.
  • Already been asked and answered, No-one here can say as they don't know.
    in New Reply by gamerdruid August 6
  • Which world is it you're on and is the account the one you're posting here with? Try clearing cookies and session files although I don't think it is likely to work, it's always a good starting point.
  • A representative of the developers, Envision Entertainment, visits daily (except during weekends and vacation time!) although doesn't respond daily. Higher on the priority list is the agreed programme of works between EA and EE including when to launch new worlds. The players are listened too, but there requests aren't…
  • EA do not view these forum pages.
  • I know that EA will do as much for me as for everyone else, absolutely nothing!
  • I'm sure it will put a smile on some faces when I inform you that I too am locked out of 2 accounts going round and round the password reset loop! As they are not important accounts for me (used to test things) I'm leaving well alone now. Attempts to reset the password always appear to succeed, except it is the main…
  • There is not a lot in the front end that needs to be tested, I'm told. There are a lot of changes happening on the backend support software so the current PTE is not in line for a reset soon.
  • Until it is announced officially there is no-one here who knows the answer to that question. A new world has recently started (no forgotten attacks) so it is likely to be quite some time before another one is launched.
  • I don't and you know it! Neither do the developers and you know it! I ask as if it's an older version on a production world then getting a newer version may be the solution. And if it's on the PTE then a solution is available too. (And you know it!)
  • Which version of the base scanner? Which world? Which browser?
  • Accounts are controlled by EA, Envision do the game so it is not linked. As far as I am aware this problem pre-dates Tib 56 for some players.

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