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  • If you log out and back in again the player number should change back to your player name. Mine did!
  • I had no involvement in that. @enigm and @Pitchforka as well as @EE_Elephterion are the staff members who will have been in discussion about the timing of the event.
  • Your shields also drop if you cross the threshold near the level 20 bases area, however a message is given that it will happen. Also, shields drop after a set time, normally 7 days at the start of a world or an hour if a 2nd or subsequent base.
  • You cannot transfer resources and with recent changes cannot easily feed his bases by pre-killing them. To help, I'd suggest you both join the PTE and treat it like a production world. Steer clear of joining an alliance but make your own. He can …
  • Yes, I agree and so do a number of others as reported here: https://downdetector.com/status/ea for other games from EA.
  • • The home marker should now correctly point to the last base you visited This does not happen....... Still points to the previous base that shot a forgotten base, not a base that had been selected and viewed.
  • Thank you for the more detailed report. This sounds like a communication error between front page and the authentication page or server. As it is the weekend and it is working eventually it is unlikely to be addressed until tomorrow.
  • xShadowBroker92x wrote: » The entire server saw it. So do not try to defend them.It is a pity that there is a division between equal and more equal players. I'm not sure what you mean by this statement. Soxie has no special access to base co…
  • Only players in your alliance can see the markers. It is up to the CiC to police there use if you have newbie players.
  • It's working for me, now. Can anyone give more details as to the stage you reach before an error report is shown? For example, is it when you try to reach the front page, or when you log into EA's page on origin or when you click on play on the fr…
  • Which world? which base? And a screen shot would be most useful today
  • BUG: Similar to the one where you need to go into the webworldbrowser, the existence of bases on the PTE is not shown in the 'My Games' tab on a standard world so that route is unavailable too.
  • Simple answer: A bug in the system!
  • Soixie wrote: » gamerdruid wrote: » Not everyone plays the same as 'you'. What bonus, power, skill or advantage of any kind do the badges provide again? I've never seen (nor claimed) any advantage to having a badge. But players stil…
  • An 'official' answer will be a long time in coming I think, it is a public holiday in Germany and answering questions in here won't be high on the 'emergency' teams list of jobs! Wait until Tuesday and you just may get a comment.
  • I expect it will be Tuesday before we get any RT crates and increased capacities. It is public holidays in Germany on Friday, 19 April: Good Friday (Karfreitag) Monday, 22 April: Easter Monday (Ostermontag)
  • Try deleting current card and if possible adding a different one. If not possible try adding it in again.
  • and if there isn't even one little spot free and all your bases are dead?
  • BUG: "• Founding new bases next to the Forgotten Fortress should not be possible anymore" - there is still an issue with this. You can not found a new base, but if you try to the system shows green (indicating it is possible) for locations next…
  • BUG: PTE: When logging onto the world for the first time in this incarnation with an account that stored resources in the form of crates, the crates don't appear. When a camp with a crate is killed then the full inventory returns. BUG: The w…

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