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  • @shursh374 where are based? Which country? Russia seems to be set to pay only with PayPal, other may be set the same.
  • It has been seen before, but it is a rare extreme event so something we'll probably just have to accept 'can' happen but doesn't very often.
  • It is strange as you don't need to do research for the default defence units. You do need to have a defence facility above a certain level for different, higher researched units. Increase your def fac to match your def HQ and make it 12 or higher.…
  • I don't have information ahead of an announcement with regard to new servers. The first I know of them is when I log in here and see the announcement. I've had extensive discussions with staff and can assure players that the game isn't closed or a…
  • I think that those that are playing on old (or very old) servers still would simply stop playing. There'd be nothing much gained by deleting them as they're run on virtual servers in big data farms anyway. Software maintenance wouldn't be speeded …
  • Only paypal must be a setting for only certain countries as here in the UK I can pay with a credit card. Where are you based?
  • As posted in other sub-forum areas, the Remastered series is not dealt with here. Try https://answers.ea.com/t5/C-C-Remastered-Collection/ct-p/cc-remastered-collection-en
  • Well, exactly the opposite is true. I can't 'tell them' to do anything, but i have asked nicely ;-)
  • wow- November to January is a year! They are in different years, the time from November to January isn't a year.
  • You don't say if they are old worlds, tib worlds or wrath worlds! If you indicate that direct links usually work, but I don't which direct links to point you to. Tib 16 is https://cncapp05.alliances.commandandconquer.com/353/index.aspx Wrath 16 is …
  • If you don't report it they don't know about it! My guess is only a very small number of players actually report threats and insults using the in-game system. As for 'presence of more admins' - admins do not have a presence on worlds to monitor or…
  • NPC=not player controlled. 21.1 introduced problems on the PTE when rolled out for testing so the PTE was rolled back to 20.3 They've returned to working on 21.1 but no timeline has been given for testing on the PTE. It is usually 2-3 weeks after…
  • Using IP addresses has been discussed many times and every time is rejected by the developers for a lot of reasons. Technically it may be possible but I don't think it's going to happen. You plan would prevent two people in the same household (th…
  • @Soixie do you have a similar breakdown of the mechanics of Infect camps spawning?
  • Or I'll have nothing much to fill my time with! No more complaints about logging on, no more unable to buy funds, no more complaints about 'hole filling alliances', no more complaints about...... well everything anyone can thing about to complain a…
  • LOL - in my calendar end of November to beginning of January the next year is just over two months! There will be new servers in 2021!
  • They do exist - probably nowhere near you. Here is one location: http://prntscr.com/wi5bv3 at [coords]441:332[/coords] and others exist at [coords]279:342[/coords] and [coords]301:268[/coords]. They've even started to spawn near one of your bases…
  • As @chadthurston said, patience! They don't appear quickly at the start, they never have. As for IT people working from home, they are working mainly from home and have been for a long time. Germany is in a lockdown too. What they can do will de…
  • Maybe you don't know the system for infected camps. Unless you control nearby tunnel and POI then none will be forthcoming. If you kill camps at level 13 with a level 40 base then no benefit is forthcoming.
  • Did you try the suggestions in this thread? What is your location?

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