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  • If you were ever in the ally that shot the fortress, it is intended that you lose your code.
  • There is an upper limit of 200 bases in the display. It was developed by Leo to enable players to share the good layouts.
  • T26 is on the 21st August, T13 on the 22nd as per the announcement.
  • Wrong forum - this forum is for Tiberium Alliances only!
  • Jilliazeli wrote: » Who in EA enforces the games rules? The code of conduct, and direct feedback of people who, in writing, file a complaint? ... EA do enforce rules as laid down in the TOS - however it can be difficult to 'prove beyond a rea…
    in WCS 2019 Reply by gamerdruid 9:02AM
  • I've logged into worldID 61 and set 6 accounts scanning - they are taking a very long time to scan. I can see the results of all of them from one account. This is OK for me, as I am playing them as substitute, but if it was an active world I wou…
  • One major drawback you can see the scan results of any player who is logged in, friend or foe, as long as they have an account.
  • The cheat menu does nothing on regular worlds - it was a mistake that it is shown. On the PTE it currently allows unlimited command points, movement and repair of offense for free. It is to be removed next week when the rest of the worlds get …
  • SzybkiBill88 wrote: thats only a sugestions... and moderators should look after that to make game more effective to all badget places... Moderators have no role within the game, only here on the forum! Maybe there is a case for 'in-game' mod…
  • External scripts like basescanner are not maintained by the developers or supported by them. No-one is now responsible for looking after the Maelstrom tools, although @XDaast and @leo7044 have undertaken to look and see if they can get them working.
  • It's highly unlikely he/she is banned. Changing the password will not improve loading either! Changing browser may assist in loading if the game hasn't been accessed by that browser in the past, but probably no more than clearing the cache and c…
  • Did you clear cache and cookies? Do you mean Tiberium world 3?
  • The reward is given once to the whole alliance. At some point you'll have been given the reward, the database showing the missions is not correctly synchronised with the reality. The PTE has existed for many years and the fortress killed a very …
  • You can't add screenshots as a 'new member'.
  • The standard answer is 'have you tried clearing cookies etc' and stopping scripts. The patch has a few known issues with some scripts which are being worked on by two members of the community with the developers (in their spare private time - uno…
  • It isn't just the Ukraine world - W107 has it too: http://prntscr.com/osocz7 However they are not enabled. The command line doesn't do anything as it does on the PTE.
  • You need allies to fight others while you dig or prepare for the fortress by collecting sat codes - the only thing you'd be 'punished' for is being in the same alliance as the previous 'ally'. Whatever is done, it will always be seen as punishme…
  • metageneralis wrote: » hello, thanks for the information. you say that upgrading of the repair buildings will increase the rt. does an upgrade even higher than cc still work? Upgrading of repair buildings REDUCES the repair time needed not …
  • Youp1e wrote: » @gamerdruid: post-FF solution? 1st alliance won't win straight away when killing the FF, as, as its last move, it fires off 50 'escape pods' which will end up spread around the FF at a sufficient distance. These things can only …
  • SplashyFlip wrote: » I've started the game on the Tib 39 server so I am pretty new in this game, but I do like the game. ... snip.... As I said in the beginning, I am new to this game so maybe there are better solutions, but what I can think…

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