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  • http://www.EA.com/help maybe able to help you. Or you can change it to fictitious data.
  • Many people use the supply crates as they get them via killing camps and when they purchase them they do so for particular purposes. I don't see much demand for this type of multiple purchase use, but it will be passed on for consideration.
  • I know of no way to delete an account. Simply do not log in!
  • @thebraak can you give a screen shot of what you get? It won't show as a link but it will be possible for me and the developers to view it. It will show up as text.
  • I assume you're logging in from the Netherlands and you have the language set appropriately. If so, try setting the language to English. The in-game language can be changed to Dutch or whatever language you prefer if it is incorrect. Also, can yo…
  • (Quote) Probably because they can't reproduce it or verify it. All problems ought to be verifiable or reproducable but unfortunately not all problems can be tracked (verified) due to limitations of the system. If they can't be reproduced then the…
  • Goto Options (bottom right corner of game screen) then click on the Audio on check box to clear the tick. Then click on the confirm changes button (bottom right of window that popped up). This setting applies only to that world for that account. I…
    in Sound Reply by gamerdruid June 30
  • I will draw the attention of the developers to this thread who can contact you if necessary, or they may be able to track the user in other ways.
  • It isn't a common problem or these forums would be full of complaints. Which world is it you're expecting to log onto? Maybe a direct link will help. Also, try the usual of clearing cache, history cookies and session files and disabling scripts.
  • I refer you all to this thread - https://forums.ea.com/en/commandandconquer/discussion/259222/warth26-wrong-configuration#latest where explanations (whether accepted or not) are given. I'm closing this thread as no useful purpose will be served di…
  • Curiously, I have this http://prntscr.com/t8jcqo on the landing page once I've signed in. It is a link to the change world. If you sign out fully you get this choice.
  • Scripts are not supported by the developers officially. When a script doesn't work it is up to the community or the developer(s) of the script to change or correct the problem. Sometimes the developers of the game will assist the original writers …
  • You;re really addressing the wrong people. The developers of this game are contracted by EA. Electronic Arts are the ones that you need to contact.
  • I think this thread has now progressed as far as it can go and to stop it degenerating into a 'he said' /'he said'/'he knows'/'they influenced' type thread which serves no-one I'm going to close this thread. Similar threads may be locked/closed too.
  • I've not noticed any difference in Chrome ( I don't use the other 2 browsers) and these forums haven't been swamped with complaints so ..... The usual suggestions first, clear cache, browser history and session files in affected browsers then try ag…
  • Please confine you comments to be in English (use a translator if you have to) as this is an international forum conducted in English. There is a specific forum for those that wish to discuss the game in German.
  • There is a set limit to the proportion of days you can substitute for. In the early days of a world this means you can't substitute in the way you describe. That isn't 'broken', it's intended that you can substitute in the early days of a world. …
  • It's a nice idea, one that I've seen used in the past. It's not the intended use of the substitution system which was designed for holiday substitutions when a player is unable to access the internet for whatever reason. I don't see it as a game …
  • The use of add-ons or extensions make it possible. If they're stubborn and don't wish to use the available technology it is their choice. Add-ons in the form of a script are a normal part of this game. Extensions are a normal part of many browser…
  • There are a number of options mentioned in this thread and they all work to some extent. Unless your home language is not covered you can usually make enough sense out of the translations. You could also ask someone to re-phrase what they said if …

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