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  • As English isn't the first language for some, I can understand the need for clarification. The announcement says the number of POI's double so that would, in English only mean one thing ie that the count of POI's is 2 x the normal count. However, clarification would always be welcome from @EE_kalyn
  • I'm not sure, but even with only one army base it's possible that the rt was added to a different non-army base. It would still be there if no rt was used.
  • https://forums.ea.com/en/commandandconquer/discussion/274284/difficulty-access-new-worlds-too-many-redirects-error-or-error-500-red-screen#latest
  • This particular issue was reported as an EA wide issue, not particularly game related. As such, it was still possible to access worlds via the webworldbrowser that is in the @EE_kalyn post and in many threads elsewhere.
  • The only information I have is that the layouts are from existing worlds. It could be any world out of the 400 plus (I believe that is the number of worlds). They may not be existing starting first layouts, they are suggested ones for the WCS 2023 however.
  • It's being addressed - the developer @skyfyre8 is deciding what level of increase to give, if any.
  • The issue is likely to be a database connection issue - they're looking into it. Lost credit and resources aren't lost, you're just not getting the data passed to your browser if this is the cause.
  • They are investigating the issue.
  • I don't know what system is used AWS, Azure or other but it is EA's responsibility to make those decisions not EE's. The maintenance was not a game update in any way, it was work on the physical hardware. It wasn't EE's decision when or their responsibility to carry it out. The servers themselves are located in the UK, or…
  • It is scheduled to finish at 18:00 UTC - so that makes it not there yet. Another hour to go to reach that time. If it needs to be extended, then it will be after that - it's not server time as that is often European central time which at present is UTC+2 I believe. As for compensation, this has been planned for quite some…
  • Firestorm worlds are the designated 'unusual' ruleset worlds - I don't know why they'd need a different setup elsewhere. Maybe different start times for the next firestorm world would be the answer.
  • I assume you're referring to a game other than Tiberium Alliances in the series as you don't launch TA from Origin or the new EA app. Try asking in Answers HQ or directly to EA support
  • It may feel like autumn has arrived (what happened to summer?) but it doesn't start until the Autumn Equinox on the 23rd September in the UK
  • Apologies for the late reply, I've been on vacation. You need to confirm your relocation. Sometimes this option is out of view and you need to reduce the screen display to 80% or even less depending on your settings on you computer.
  • The game isn't supported on mobiles or tablets. Nothing should have changed recently with the game however, so it is some update or other on you mobile.
  • I like the suggestion of infected bases - every base infected on a world included the fortress! Gains would need adjusting. For example, I can't see the developer or EA being happy with the rt returns that happen during an infected challenge - maybe something like extra crystal and tiberium - or even power!
  • I would throw in a little extra question on fortresses. Once the first three fortresses have fallen (using the Championships servers as model, three prizes are given), should the killing of the fortress result in gains for those that participate? By participate I mean those that both inject a virus and shoot at the…
  • That site is a third party site not connected to the developers. You need to contact the maintainers of that site directly as they're unlikely to quickly see any posts aimed at them here.
  • Also, check you payment method - it may show on there as pending.
  • Log into the EA app - it will show if purchases have been received (at least, it will show that their system expects them to have been received). Sometimes the money is taken, it doesn't show then the money reappears as the money ended up in 'pending' and the transaction isn't completed.

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