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  • Gamerdruid, as a moderator of the forum, I respect that You reply and share view, however for month, EA and any of their gamer developer or hosting partners, has been silent about issues, no official statement, no insight, no plan, no nothing but silence. While this is a "free" game, most people I play with have spend a…
  • Hi Wizz :-) I'm done with EA and it's partners, I have never ever seen larger incompetance in the IT and especially in the gamer industry. I'm originally an Application Programmer and we always compared us to the gaming industry for how to code, but no more. The change world that has been broken for months now, every time…
  • EA, and all you moderator dudes, what ever you are, stop asking irrelevant questions, like what world, like what browser.. Your code does not work. Period. Please use your effort there, it is now close to a month where we can not log in to other worlds, start thinking instead how you want to compensate me, after I have…
  • EA, now the trick changing language to get the switch world screen, does not work either. Guys, you are loosing players, your solution does not work and you are SILENT. Have you nothing learned ...
  • all, it is still broken, does not work. If you get lucky with any strange combination, it is pure luck
  • Would be nice with an official statement from EA, where they acknowledge this issue and whatever plan they have, incl. timeline to get this fixed. It can not be rocket science for such a massive issue, would be easy to re-create and test. It flat out does not work, sometimes you can be lucky that any combination of…
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