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  • It is a team effort... Thing is that lazy/lower level members "demand" the same rewards as an active skilled player. "Team play" killing some forgotten bases is fun though , but it shouldn't be a team effort killing a fb in most …
  • you should have it easy then... go get your #1 rank and kill the fortress.
  • A "live attack" manipulation is highly unlikely to happen. The "live attack" is only the movie of the "attack" button... Think of it as the "play" button. Most times this can be a very useful feature though..…
  • It's a feature... I confirm the MR reset after the fort kill. (don't know when this was implemented... which patch version)
  • (not a dev... just trying to be of help) the script needs an update... meanwhile... use base scan alternatives:* https://github.com/bloofi/CnC_TA/raw/master/CnCTA-Base-Scanner.user.js * https://cnc.indyserver.info/js/leostats.min.user.js * Maelstro…
  • Get off your high horse... I kind see u somewhere above talking at me... I played in the #1 alliance as #1 ranked player when we did the fort. I did my part of funds and i know what i'm talking about. (Quote) I see... U're just pissed cause your to…
    in Funds Reply by jbl3ck August 1
  • Of course, but their numbers is way lower though and overall strategies will most likely change due to less support from the alternate relatively fundless accounts.
    in Funds Reply by jbl3ck August 1
  • (Quote) If you can't , then you shouldn't... It's a waste of cps and rt and will cause your alliance to lose the battle in the end if you find yourself killing almost every base like it's the fortress. Having a team can help, but this is not the pro…
    in Funds Reply by jbl3ck August 1
  • (Quote) just go there and use your facebook to announce your great "whatever". damn whiner... do u even know how to properly play this game? as things are atm., one with no funds can go a long way... only thing required is "know how…
    in Funds Reply by jbl3ck July 31
  • Now be patient @kOeGy ... You must've known there will be trouble if you try to bring changes... especially big changes as the faction balance. As far as i'm concerned, I like seeing the GDI lovers complain... I can still remember how GDI lovers br…
  • just **** and play for free. or just quit! stupid much? do u crave for some "prison time" or just feel the need to pay for a lawyer? better yet...why not ban everyone that admitted and complains?
    in Funds Reply by jbl3ck July 26
  • yes... You can run multiple userscripts at the same time. You need a userscript manager though. Some packs come as the complete package (multiple userscripts) and they don't require a separate userscript manager. Packs are AiO suites, so "use…
  • (Quote) What is "local team"? if it's a member of you alliance i think u need "CnC: MHTools Tiberium Alliances Available Loot Summary + Info" (thanks to leo7044 for the maintenance) : https://github.com/leo7044/CnC_TA/raw/master…
  • World: Tiberian 39 (Europe) version 20.2 Browser: Chrome I was hoping for the 20.2 patch to fix the time and date issue... maybe it is fixed but since i'm a time traveler i'm a bit confused :wink:
  • time traveler... (Image)
  • Yours is the sad part and the only thing u'll be able to accomplish is to delay things for all at this point. I bet they're enjoying your messages...
  • What about the "swap 2 of your bases with each other on their locations" in version 20.2 ? This is very pro PvP... just do it and use it before your enemies will. The SW disable for shielded bases is anti "kamikaze" as i see it.…
    in New Patch? Reply by jbl3ck July 16
  • cause iggy (the edwards one or sumthin' i think) is a troll and his comments should be auto deleted at this point... :tongue: he most likely broke some forum posting rule.
  • so... this is an attack formation helper / rt saver... only thing required is a proper army :smile: could u please just share the dl link only and not the invite to the org y / church / whatever da u want to call it that the current link leads to?
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