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  • So now we Dox the dead? Seems like it could get lawless pretty fast. I can see jokers posting RIP "Kejorns dignity" or some such thing....
  • So, as I said before. Kejorn is full of garbage and lying about me in world chat, and in the forums. At what point does his never ending smearing of my character get him banned, reported for harassment or muted? It is clear that I have done no cheating, and that this is a common problem in multiple worlds!…
  • The nuclear option would be great. It would make it more competitive after a fortress kill. Also, I would like to suggest a world where everyone has limited command points and repair time. It would not be good for EA because of the lack of "buy in" but it would create a level playing field. If you have only 48 hours repair…
  • The reason you have so many loyal players, is that they know they can control a world if they kill the fortress first. It is "King of the hill" like Sal says. EA makes lots of money from people who pay lots of money to be the best. I suspect that if there were worlds that everyone was limited to 24 hours repair time and…
  • KeJorn/GreyMouser is clearly faking screen shots or cheating himself. Ignore that fool. He is looking to cause problems and harass me daily. He also has the passwords to 12 accounts of other players so he likely gets confused easily.
  • no idea how to PM you dude!
  • Also, don't be a **** and try to make a problem for me when I didn't cheat. Get a life.
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