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  • Never saw this on the older worlds, just the recent ones. Others have double checked also on wrath 29 looking at reports on bases that were hit and then respawned later
  • Completely wrong. The last few worlds at least we have seen a completely different layout where forgotten bases have respawned. Also verified this recently on wrath 29
  • Should really have got 'overwhelming support' before making the other changes then. This world is a total cluster###k. Be better to shut it all down and start a new one You also say that no funds can be reimbursed even though they were spent on something that was completely changed without consent. Many of us have already…
  • Have you ever actually played this game? So players that lost their shields on day one get compensated byt having the value of all poi they still managed to get reduced to a fraction of what they were. Base levels reduced, poi bonus levels reduced and also 60+ spaces behind others. This server was billed as having…
  • There was a patch very long time ago that changed it so if you didn't log in for many months you got set inactive and then your bases self destructed. It leaves ruins that look like you shot yourself. Think it is after 6 months inactive in a world
  • > @gamerdruid said: > None planned for 2020. Is that confirmed? Many wait a new FA world ...
  • No Nuclear Presleys this time so may be real :)
  • https://nimb.ws/MxUYpD Again same cheating nonsense. Zone trooper in paladin just shoots all the way to end of buildings even after being shot down
  • Yes many days. 7 minutes past every hour
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