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  • (Quote) just accept that there a player better than you. noone is using that auto sim thing. The only real cheat in this game is time. The more time you can invest in that game, the better you will be. We have players who simulate a base for hours.…
  • (Quote) WRONG! It was used by the our enimies first. We adopt that playing style and did better, we won. Do you know that a german player, former schaffa/mara or whatever you want to call it, worked hard 2 years to get a fix for it? (Quote) WRONG …
  • I remember that we killed 300-400 bases in east to gather that codes. Where is the problem? If you dont want us to get codes, fight us... If the codes will drop in another sector, we will go there. Same play, same goal. Not that complicated...
  • I am only talking about PVP. I am not talking about PVE. Is there ever a reason why someone in the center or next to it need to kill a very low inactive player/ multiaccount, which is far to low you fight itself to that area? There is only one reaso…
  • yes that is true. But still it will be harder to do. And all I remember is that exaclty this is the standard doing here... Everything you cant forbid to do, you try to make it as hard as possible...
  • do you think that it is so easy to grow to 1 level above with a multiaccount? An account which is not played, which has no bonus, which got killed every day? Just check the WCS and klick the ruins. You wont find any multiaccount which would be stron…
  • I let myself get killed from forgotten, dont how if there was someone else. But that was the fastest way for me because I was next to the forgotten when the event was startet. Other question: How long did it take for you to know about this event? O…
  • (Quote) First of all, I let myself get killed by forgotten (40 fields) and had to jump another 50 fields (2.5 jumps) to reach the infected. Do you know how to generate that kind of camps? It is almost the same like activating tunnels, but instead o…
  • (Quote) can you prove that we need repair time at that moment? Who says that? Lot of our players did switch their main bases at this time. So there was plenty of repair time. Yes we slowed down a bit, because (as i said) lot of members still killed…
  • The new patch talks about 80%. If you attack 20 times and the gdi will only destroy a bit, then you will get 100% and not only 50%.
  • (Quote) That is quite simple. There are rules in this games. The most important is that you only have 240cp and 24h of repair time per day (and per cc, without funds ofc). You are saying that you dont have fun to play NOD at the beginning because …
  • (Quote) Will you tell us that it is not possible to have the multiaccounts in the same alliance? They are in the same alliance. How do you think that those accounts will get on the front with the main accounts?
  • (Quote) first of all a big LOOOOL. talking about good strategies with the word "alt" in the same sentence is only ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ^^ Is it really so hard for everyone to play without alts? IMHO this patch was only the first step to completely …
  • (Quote) Like i already wrote. The game is not that complicated. Everyone can learn it and Play top rank. Just invest time and interest
  • (Quote) Look like you dont understand anything Here, otherwise there would be no discussion Here lol. I hope enigm und elephterion will visit you soon. Then you will see that such a Meeting will Change nothing of the skill of any player
  • (Quote) I am the owner of this game and have a godmode!
  • If you think that multis are good for a game, then use it. I saw Lot of other game were destroyed because of using multis. If you want to kill that game, kill it.
  • Do what you want. Not joining will only show everyone that you cant play without using multis lol
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