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  • It would be nice to have that ability back again. Attack from within hehehe. Spying is a tactic and if played right can be devastating even against the biggest enemy. I think it was removed due to the RP farming etc. Put it back in and it adds anoth…
  • If you want to change "player name" you will need to ensure that you have access to the email address connected to the ea player account too. And of course you will need to know the answers to your security questions. When done to take effect you ma…
  • Lol one persons nightmare is another persons dream 🤡
  • So soon and now i need to find a team 🤡 lol
  • @gamerdruid don't beat yourself up, wrong prediction, just proves that you are human and not a computer 🤡
  • Dam that prediction was not so good but at least there is no forgotten fight back 🤡
  • I hope your predictions makes it a Classic server, I do hate them dammed forgotten fight back servers 🤡
  • mmmm well if they game producers give you that option then i want the option to transfer Repair Time between bases, hehehe i currently sit on a server where my farms share a combined 120 days of RT, now i would love to have that transferred to my ma…
  • All my accounts log in first time with no problems. So i am guessing it is not related to multiple log ins. I mostly always use the log out option via the profile button top right of screen. https://prnt.sc/10aspdx
  • 🤡 🤡 🤡
  • Some Clownish ideas Do we really even need POI? Who needs balance? A new challenge why not throw the game on its head? I think only POI we require is a CREDIT POI or maybe even an RP POI (the bigger the better some will gain you credits or RP quic…
  • Hey careful how you use the Clown word 🤡
  • Forget level 45 units just got to level 60 its much more fun ;-p For 200 army points you can get so many good things. First try 40 militants/riflemen or a combination of 20 militants/riflemen and 20 missle squads 🤡 Personally i just get 20 vertigo…
  • It will be a classic non FA server 🤡
  • Yeah i agree with chad on this one i only stumbled upon the information in the forum. I hate FA servers and don't play them, but would have been annoyed if it had been a non FA server which i would play but would have probably missed the start if i …
  • mmm strange i don't get a "View Base" button i only get these 3 views as per attachments depending if it is a forgotten layout a player from an other alliance or a player from same alliance https://prnt.sc/xpy4cf Forgotten base https://prnt.sc/xp…
  • lol booo hooo I think this is both quite sad and hilarious at the same time 🤡 I think all old servers should be closed 1 year after 1st badge or set a maximum of 5 badges? that way if people want to badge they will play harder when the moment is t…
    in WТF Reply by one_cIown January 27
  • Simple trick with system date??? Sorry not heard of that one, I haven't changed anything mine just works 🤡
  • hehehe yeah kinda desperate to try to recruit from forums 🤡 I am not an alt 🤡 there is only one clown.

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