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  • Guys you can't get everything you wish for not even Santa will deliver all your dreams so stop asking EA/CnC to deliver what they quite simply can't and won't give you. Its an old game new investment just ain't worth it. Make your own game. CnC still has lots to offer even if badges will be dominated by the few alliances.…
  • And if you like you in game name but wish to "drop all previous badges" then this is also possible, just start a new account and give the new account the name from your old account, of course first you rename the old account with a random name then apply your old name to new account ;-)
  • This is a good example and good reason why EA should not look to block multiple accounts from same IP. My son also plays and if EA only allowed one player from each IP it would mean that we would not be allowed to play together. To be honest EA would probably then lose 2 players as we enjoy to play together and would find…
  • Guys don't bash the guys for offering to make a change for making an offer to you to partake in a bigger group. To try something different. Try it out if you don't like it or are treated unfairly then move on but pointless continuing to bash Project until you at least see what they will offer. Remember they could just keep…
  • I'm fine too although quite often i think i am speaking to myself. Then i just ignore myself and all is fine ;-p
  • Its easy done but be careful some names are real clownish ;-p
  • It still works ;-D https://prnt.sc/26vlihp
  • Only fund where you are happy to do so. It is a game and games believe it or not are suppose to entertain and be fun filled. If that don't meet your needs then you are not tied to this game just go find something else and move on. If you spend money on a meal that disappoints then you simple don't go back. A game is no…
  • Then i guess the no answer you have received is the answer you have been given. @gamerdruid I guess you can close this topic now ;-D
  • I think only an owner or major sponsor could ever expect an answer to such a question lol
  • More servers more often is what i have been asking for several months, unfortunately i think even that is too much to ask. So i guess any and all future servers will be a copy and paste of what has recently been witnessed, many many alts and ensured victories and all decided by the time the server is one week old. The list…
  • Good idea would be interesting to know if cost to implement would be too high and whether the coding would be easy to do or not possible or just too costly.
  • Who said PvP was dead? Titans on TIB50 are pretty much fighting everybody guess we need that rewards patch now ;-) oh and included on all old servers ASAP ;-) Our enemies mostly 2, 3 or even 4 or 5 times our size ;_) PvP is only dead if you wish to badge. Fun can be had lets just hope the guys stay on 50 to give us what we…
  • Start multiple servers all at same time and once first badge is done start another server of that type and continue. The bad things with alts will then slow down as many alts is a lot of work but if there are more frequent servers to move to then who cares about alts on a server anymore? I'm pretty dammed sure the same…
  • Any update from developers? Are they interested in any of our ideas be them new or old? I think a no POI server would be good it would certainly balance PvP between the alliances only differentiation would then be size and tactics a much fairer game for PvP ;-D
  • Remove bonuses when in PvP that could make things interesting.
  • Yeah @gamerdruid and @chadthurston I like them ideas. Also need more frequent NEW servers to give the big guns a reason to move to next server and let the lesser players fight for spoils. Anything in an attempt to make the game competitive instead of get in line for badge. New servers almost serve as a reward to the first…
  • It is a strange one i never have had that issue in the past.
  • I think this thread should now be closed as the posts are quite childish ;-p
  • A silly question but the you added 900 for 30 days so now you capacity is 1000 CP that is capacity/storage not actual CP. I don't know how experienced a player you are but you do know that it takes time to refill that 1000? It does not happen automatically. It would be good to see a screen shot of your CP capacity. Maybe…

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