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  • There is no point arguing against each other over how we've managed to fund. The initial point of the thread was to try and voice the complaint against the new pricing and how that will ultimately kill the game. From the responses from EE, and his remarks regarding EA, neither have intentions to try working something out…
    in Funds Reply by peadawg August 2020
  • If EE is saying he doesn't control funds pricing, might be accurate. I'm guessing they have the ability to control the package pricing. If the costs will continue to stay elevated, they should consider reducing the costs associated with packages; i.e premium supply pack currently "discounted" for 19,999 funds. Reduce that…
    in Funds Reply by peadawg July 2020
  • Imagine that...the mouth flapping his gums once again..providing zero value. What does 6+ figure salaries have to do with the affordability of the game? I make well above, have no desire to pay $500+ per world. The fact the game is pricing everyone out of the space is the issue, not how much money a person makes. Get off…
    in Funds Reply by peadawg July 2020
  • Not everyone; hardly anyone for that matter, is a US based player. We have players from outside the US that are now being charged USD rates. Maybe that is what they are referring. Why don't you try to be a little less abrasive in all your posts and be helpful, or simply read and move along. You do nothing for the user…
    in Funds Reply by peadawg July 2020
  • With the new landing page, any idea where or how to update the scripts that used to reside on the old landing page?
  • The spacing of these worlds is horrible. As yes, you cater to Shaffa or whatever clown name they decide each world. Of course they are getting ready in the middle of the latest world..so naturally a new world is on the horizon where they can move over.... blah blah I don't need your canned response either...same boring…
  • You're definitely correct. Old gamers have made relationships over the course of time, found a strategy that works and win. The lack of new servers seems to have turned every new server in to a WCS without the prizes.
  • Figures you'd chime in with non-constructive comments. Your comments provide no value.
  • How about classic, FA, FA+malus all releasing at the same time? I's been 2 months since the last world ended. 41 is done which means 42 is close behind. All the 41 players that won are basically the same winning 42. You start a single world and it's going to be the same people again. It seems like the customer base is…
  • > @Tritons61 said: > They are just laughing at those of us on west coast staying up until 2 am. Not that bad, 4am here (Central time). Waiting for their obligatory "sorry, we meant December 29th" post coming soon. Can't tell who's more of a tool, us for continuing to play this junk game and believing what they post, or…
  • Maybe it is an April fools joke...like this game. Bad enough they start them at the crack of dawn for US players, now they don't even start when they say they are starting....trash
  • Can't purchase funds either
  • Still not fixed or is sporadic at best. Error every time crates are attempted to be used with funds...
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