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  • I have played this world since the beginning and after a "Dark" alliance initially badged, their sister alliances badged and then these alliances were disbanded. Sometimes those players left the world, sometimes they just joined newly formed alliances to badge again and thus it went on (and still does lol). No idea how…
  • I was online around 10pm(ish) GMT and all was OK. Came back on about 11pm(ish) and having same problem as all above. Can log-in OK but when you click on "Play now" or "Change server" it just reloads home-page. I also tried direct links to worlds and same happens.
  • In both the worlds I play, T13 and T26, from the start of the challenge I have experienced the same problem with Infected camps not actually showing but I can identify where they are due to the text underneath - ie infected camp level 46. When I attack the infected camps, the set up of the camp defence units is very hard…
  • Yeah it does seem weird because I found I can access game using other browsers and it is just Firefox playing up. I will try the above later and let you know -- thanks.
  • Sorry for delay -- I gave up for a couple of days. It seems the problem is only with Firefox (which I normally use). I tried using Chrome and Opera and both worked Ok. I still cannot access game with Firefox. After clicking Play Now, it goes to the black screen which has the long bar show upload process but in Firefox all…
  • I have seen comments on other threads stating all worlds are online but I am still having same problem and cannot access either T13 or T26. Is this just happening to me and if so do you have any idea what the problem is and what I can do or are more players having similar problems?
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