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  • Hi @gamerdruid This is from my base that is reachable to the player: awesomesk22 https://prnt.sc/1iz2wgu Oh and BTW, the player can do PvP to other players but he cannot be attacked.
  • Hey Body, that is not true. Complains were raised up from day one with players starting on lvl12-14 bases vs lvl 19-20, bubble drop of 1st move without warning, very weird map layout, players from faction on same alliance, etc. If you read the different treats and posts of firestorm issues you will realized that multiple…
  • I hope they will take some actions to encourage everyone the same way and have a fair game but maybe is too late. So many players already quit the server but maybe for the remaining it might be beneficial.
  • 100% onboard with this comment!!!
  • Glad you don't make any decisions and your points are useless with all the complains were made just when the game started. All is documented and we were the ones asking for a fair fix for all, not just a small group. But you want to know the real true? We are having this debate and so many ppl complaining because EA knows…
  • It was a wrong start from the beginning because it was supposed to be a one faction alliance to begin with and also all the complains about bubble drop and high bases in one sector and not in another sector were wrote down as complains so please don't come here talking non-sense. It was a big mess from the beginning.…
  • Then let's do that and the remaining players here will abandon F15. I think that will be better. There is no reason to keep going on F15 when most of the players are quitting...
  • Please restart the world and give packages of CP/RT or funds of 4k to those that reached lvl 10. I think that will be more convient and fair. If you are following the game and seeing what is going on we are having playing dropping like peanuts. Just restart it and we will be all happy. It has been a big mess!
  • Cannot agree more with this comment and that is what others are proposing as well. TA can restart the server with the same rules for all and add some CP/RT for all players at the beginning of the server. I think that will make it more beneficial and interesting for all. Right now there are so many disadvantages that is…
  • That is mostly common sense Red but that doesn't happen often with TA. They are trying to get rid of the game but @EE_Elephterion and few others on the spare time keep it alive! :smile:
  • Because of this so many players already left the server. Players dropping and leaving the world after the big mess EA and the TA developer created and he is saying this is good for the ones that started with big disadvantage of higher bases and bubble drop from day 1. Thanks @EE_Elephterion You made it all clear to us that…
  • So this is obviously going to affect the teams that started with high level bases because they were not able to advance at the same speed of the alliances that started on lvl 12-14 bases. What a joke! :(
  • It's a big mess all around. I want to see how they will affect the players that started on high lvl bases are in big disadvantage because the players that started on sectors with high lvl bases are way behind and adding them back again to low lvl bases will be even worst to catchup. If they do it smartly they will try to…
  • @EE_Elephterion and @gamerdruid you guys need to address this complain with TA developers. The teams that started on the low level bases are way closer to the center because they were killing lvl 13-14 bases and we started with bubble drop (even without a warning) on bases lvl 19-20 and adding defense right away in order…
  • I think this world started so wrong that is all unfair right from the start. Some players in sector close to the center because they were killing lvl 13-14 bases and other struggling with low offensive killing 20-22 bases and without a bubble warm to move forward. Its a big mess and I think we need to balance everyone…
  • I think you need to admit all the issues we have in this server and see how players can be compensated for their frustrations :smile: I think that will be smarter!! BTW, are you guys going to fix the bug of mixed alliances with GDI and NOD? Just wondering!
  • That is the problem! The warning message was not given and even when you move to the warning zone it will let you know that if you move there your shield will drop and that message was not given either. Oh! And i need to reiterate again that factions are being mixed and its not like the announcement: GDI alliance or NOD…
  • Dude, "other features are in the announcement..." and probably the most important one doesn't work that is having all players from the same faction in 1 alliance and not mixed as they are right now. What kind of mess is that? Will that be fixed or what?
  • @gamerdruid and what about players from 2 different factions on the same alliance? Will TA take action on that or this is just another Tiberium world?
  • I agree with you @sentierorosso this is so confusing and dysfunctional. I'm wondering why the moderators are not responding. Maybe they are trying to convince the developers about the mistake they made? :) @gamerdruid and @EE_Elephterion a response from you guys will be more than welcome on the concerns we are expressing.…
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