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  • So @gamerdruid and @EE_Elephterion can you please explain how come we are seeing players from different faction on the same alliance? It was supposed to be one alliance with GDI or NOD players only but not both at the same time. Can you elaborate on that?
  • @EE_Elephterion if you can please answer the questions above. Thank you!
  • Finally firestorm 15 was announced and I have few questions based on the description of the world provided: 1.- This will be a fight of GDI vs NOD, meaning that GDI will be able to kill only NOD players. Is that correct? 2.- By default all GDI teams will be allies? Is that correct as well? 3.- If a NOD alliance land on the…
  • > @gamerdruid said: > There may well be a roadmap but it's not shared with the players. It's there a way to ask for it or go to a specific website to see what the future hold? Or this is kinda limboland, that we dont know and see where the game is going in the long term?
  • So there is no roadmap for new strategies/units/worlds with features/functionalities in the horizon? I don't know how innovation works with TA but unfortunately the lack of new announcements and things that will improve the game is getting old and ppl are moving away from the game very quick. Sad but true, more people will…
  • I already quit Tiberium 45. That server doesn't make any sense. It's a waist of time with that ridiculous morale and penalty on the forgotten bases. The 1st alliance will take at least 1 year to reach the center and conquer the world and 2nd, 3rd, 4th? :) By the time the 1st and probably 2nd alliance are done nobody else…
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