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  • Same problem we had a few days ago with black screen is back. People are spending money on this game and lose lots of playtime because of all issues and problems. Not a single day without problems? Ive never seen anything like this in a game.
  • What is going on with this game? Are they seriouse??? Its more broken then it ever have been. Problems every day!!! Today its not even posible to log in. Screen reloads. What will it be tomorrow.
  • Still black screen when try to click on change server before enter one of my worlds. Normaly all the worlds I play in comes up on that screen so I can select the one I want to go in to. But Still black:(
  • Same here. When I chose/click on change server to select one of the worlds I play in the screen only gets black. Before All my world option came up that I play in. Now I can only change from world 33 to 34 by using option inside world 33. I did everything to fix it but still same and I also use crome and window 10. Please…
  • After latest maintanance I cant change server thru the regular way by clicking on change servers. Black screen appears with no world options anymore. I play in two worlds but can only logg in to next world by using option inside the game. Please do something about this C&C
  • Login problem solved:) for me at least:)
  • Still same mess. This game is broken. It seams the more they try to fix it the more broken it gets
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