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  • And yes Master, with that patch, bug or not , but all loots are shared now if 2 or more players hit same target and yes, without CY kill. Only that first hitters get normal loots , and then when other players start also shoot, all share after that . Def units and all buildings loots shared. I was believe that was EA target…
  • Tib 38. If I kill militant only and nobody hit there before me , loots come : prntscr.com/mqhhk3 If other player hit before me who kill 1 time only 5 walls, loots come : prntscr.com/mqhk3i Huge difference :)
  • What ? You talk then different game Elephterion :smiley: . If player 1 start kill FG base and he ask help and player 2 shoot there FG base and kill only def units, he not get nothing loots there def units ( ofc get something loots but really REALLY less what normal ) . Same also these buildings. There your info say that…
  • But yes, not spawn any op yet with +41,1 lvl offence tunnel lvl 48 lvl active areas, and now these off bases move back there 47 lvl tunnels and start spawn op. If normal longer delay, its ok ofc, but now spend over 24h and that time normal show first op almoust sure. Now when players are 47 lvl tunnels, they try active…
  • And Moeto say that low lvl off stuff, we know that EA purpose is that low lvl off not disturb tunnels if move there active areas, but we have tested that also so many times so we not trust that so much :=) So easy test it these worlds where not play anymore, 1 correct lvl off move 3 tunnels active areas with cashbases…
  • Is there someone who see ready that patch really work ?? We have with new rules many correct lvl offence now tunnel area and any op spawn there areas where we test that new rules . Yes keep tunnel 48 lvl active area less 4.5 fields with 41.1 lvl offence and no op spawn nowhere ( there where 42+ lvl off 48 lvl tunnel areas,…
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