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  • I honestly don't understand all this talk, we have been fighting in WCS for years against shaffa mara nvidia etc. We have lost because of our opponents but also because of our mistakes, now we have built a team capable of playing as protagonists and all against us........but does anyone have any idea what it has meant for…
  • If shaffa doesn't play it's his decision, I think I know why, I ask you, did the last WCS have morale? Did anyone say it was a problem? I don't see it. You keep talking about multi-accounts as if it's an exclusive use of Project, all use them for the reasons Bruel stated. As for competition well if anyone remembers how WCS…
  • Guys, in the last WCS, starting from the "false start", who has played it knows what I mean, with the meetings made by the developers before start with only shaffa, with the event "infected" launched by mistake, + other issues highlighted at the time by us that we lost generated a series of discontent and NONE of our…
  • meeting? like before last Wcs? Go read all about what happened, here example. https://forums.ea.com/en/commandandconquer/discussion/243446/spring-challenge-in-wcs/p2 Those who were excluded from that meeting obviously saw, maybe mistakenly, things like "hidden agreements" with shaffa that maybe weren't even there. There is…
  • Hi, black every world has its own story, TTD has won some and lost others, like you and everyone here. You accuse me of ruining the game, I honestly don't understand why, I want to clarify a couple of things, yes it is from TIB 6 that I am in the command of TTD, not alone for sure and when we had the proposal of Bruel we…
  • Inhalt nicht verstanden, Note 6 bitte wieder hinsitzen[/quote] Learn to use the forum, write in English, at least I try. Is not a German Forum, "netiquette" question :-)
  • Honestly, I'm sorry that Shaffa doesn't play, but attributing this to Project's alleged stoled I don't think that's correct. For years we have seen the best all on one side, we have worked for years, I myself was in command of Project, Bruel did a tremendous job to build the team and now shaffa is retiring? We talk about…
  • ahaahah go where he want for 20 D and all ok?
  • You understand nothing! His base is it is not attackable! Understand or not???????? They recognized it too, the whole alliance knew it!
  • Again big gift? Ea I usually not talk **** but honest I am tempted! 1 player have base "immortal" is a joke or? He jump on us poi 43 (top poi on this server) after we recover 40 space after all **** and now we can't kill?Is a joke? Refund me all , I want quit this **** and this game! this is really too much.
  • no comment 40 for players who already spent 150 K funds and same for player with level 1 basis. But that's all.......Ea ask we talk on forum but he pretends to listen but does as he wants and as he had already decided to do.
  • We dug Our poi, opponent take free....big difference!!! In any case we ask respect rule GDI Vs NOD, like announce, I can't buy something and find another, it's very simple!
  • why talk about one server who not play? What do you know what exactly happened? We only ask for respect for the rules: if I buy a cat I expect to find a cat in the box, not something different. I "bought" gdi Vs Nod, I wonder that I will be given what for I paid !
  • Honest I not considering insult who his wrote, just see how many worlds he won and how many me from Cic rule. As for the alt, I don't use them. In my team someone uses them yes, but also in the other one, there is a player who has half alliance alts...and all know who he is. For the rest I disagree I play to win not to…
  • We not play any new server if not fix this
  • As I wrote in another post my alliance has had a great handicap from the wrong choices of the developers. Choices that are rewarding an alliance that does not respect the basic rule of this world: GDI vs NOD , and take advantage of this, in addition to all the help they have had. Dev's had by putting us in a non-playable…
  • I am cic of Dream Team (EAs Fault atm) and ask to formalize for my alliance, but also for many others alliance the GDI vs NOD rule be restored, let's forget all the mistakes made (no shields after 1 h, map regenerate and free poi 29 to other alliance etc etc etc) do the only right thing, restore GDI VS NOD, as it was in…
  • Too simple.....I spent already 100K funds! How many spent players who EA give free this world?
  • Put correct rule like annoounce! GDI vs NOD and we continue!

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