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  • @thomas245761, do you still ahve the error? Did you try to logout and clear cache&cookies?
  • Hello Commanders! we have to extend the maintenance by up to 5 hours. New end date for todays maintenance will be September 12 23:00 UTC. We're sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, game worlds will be back as soon as possible.
  • Hey @hankhepler3, thanks for the info. That wasn't visible on your first screenshots. I guess you tried disabling any scripts already (if you have any running)? We'll have a look at it.
  • I'd like to advise everyone to stay on the topic of this thread. Otherwise I'll close this one.
  • Hey @Uub666, as an experienced player you could have helped a fellow player instead of posting a rather meaningless comment.
  • Hey @hankhepler3, it seems you are already used up all your defense points. Lower right corner of the unit shows you the costs in defense points. And it seems you do not have enough of them left. Similar to the offense you have a limited a mount of points you can spend on defense. So this isn't a bug at all.
  • Hey, you tried playing the game without any scripts? Also, when you experience a crash could you press F12 and take a screenshot of the console tab in the developer console. This would help us narrowing down the issue. Not sure if that what you experienced but browsers have recently started to unload tabs not actively…
  • Hey @5KY3_64, as @gamerdruid already said this looks like a strange edge case. But we'll have a look and check it. Thank you for reporting it!
  • Hey @M8u8r4r4a0796, nevermind, the issue will be solved within 15 minutes on the PTE. Thank you for bringing this up! Somehow you managed to bypass CDN caching and on our end some files have already been deleted as they're not used anymore. But in fact the PTE still relies on those files. It seems that everyone else got…
  • Hey @M8u8r4r4a0796, When you have the issue the next time, could you switch to the "Network" tab in Chrome DevTools. And check for the call that's producing the error. Click on the call and check the "response" tab for the call. Ideally, could you get me two things: 1. the full URL of the file/ call that fails 2. the…
  • Hey @Tappioasema, probably the best way is to use imgur.com or prt.sc or any similar service to share the images. And as @gamerdruid already stated there is some randomness to the simulator as well. The simulator should give the general direction to where the engagement is headed but not an 100% accurate forecast.
  • Hey @Grind2Slow, have you tried deleting cache&cookies or using an icongnito/private tab. So far PTE does not have any issues.
  • Hey, could you maybe take screenshots (or a video?) from the two different outcomes? And you haven't changed anything in between, I guess?
  • As of posting this it seems that the system is already recovering.
  • Hey @Sylver4VB, we've checked the logs and found the trade. The logs do not show any errors. But in case anything goes wrong the trade is handled as a transaction, which means that when something goes wrong everything will be rolled back and no resources are transferred (and no credits are deducted). Could you please…
  • As @gamerdruid already said, we are aware of this issue and will investigate. Can you tell us at which time this happened?
  • Hey, I will add this to the list for one of the next releases. This behaviour was not intended and should be fixed.
  • Hey, we will investigate the issue.

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