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  • If you don't want to play with project folks or whatever then what is stopping you from playing the new morale server this Friday? You will have a project free server as they never play morale. Watch everyone the new excuses they will come up with....
  • Also please keep it 2-d but with improved pre-rendered graphics and animations. As soon as the franchise went 3d, it turned to crap imo.
    in Dear EA Reply by tokenting May 30
  • Nods are heavily overpowered in early game pvp, just one click of venoms and you already have the victory.
  • this is quite funny lol
  • I think this is a really good idea, have 1 main alliance chat and then maybe 2 others that can be used for other functions but accessible to everyone in alliance . Not much work needed by devs, it is just a duplication of alliance chat. It can also help to split people who speak other languages.
  • what is this nonsense?
  • That looks like a very interesting server @Hister, great effort and I hope elephetarian will acknowledge. Please can we have one server like this to break away from the boredom, thank you.
  • I think these are great ideas in the original post and i don't it's that hard to implement. In vet servers, they already have a point system so could just modify that.
  • I would like a server where there is an appearance of a nuke somewhere around where the satellite wreckages happen. This nuke appears once a month ( 5 days to use it) and the cic of the holding alliance can pick the detonation of it anywhere in the world, A 20 space area will become completely levelled. One restriction…
  • Not reporting on the WCS is like not sending cameras to the World cup. We should be kept up to date on the news like in previous WCS servers.
  • Please can you change to an FA world. As people have already mentioned, we have just had a morale world Firestorm17. As project guys are probably busy on WCS and tib 54, now is a good time to let others have a chance at an FA world. These worlds are infinitely more enjoyable than morale ones. Please Elephetarian and mr…
  • chrissischuldt , i said to remove alts completely by IP blocking. Try and read something for once in your life. You guys have also formed your own project in Firestorm but it is a project full of crap alliances and that's not my problem.
  • if they are at uni then they should be studying, not all playing tiberium alliances, they should be blocked as a matter of principle. Two dweebs playing c&c and being at the same university campus at same time is a very unrealistic scenario to me especially considering the number of ppl who play this game. If there is a…
  • Duplicate IP blocking will deter a majority of people in my opinion. Yes there may be a few casualties i.e people in the same family playing ( get a life) or two people playing within shared apartment block or some other nonsense, these corner cases should not deter the use of IP blocking.
  • Chad joins every server with 4 alts and then name drops me. I have never complained about alts in general ,the only complaint I had was a WCS with no competition. i'm perfectly happy to have no alts if chad gets rid of his, i just use mine for pvp fun.
  • what was this special 10 year anniversary surprise? did I miss it? Gamerdruid, you were the one banging drums about this.
  • They have won the WCS and are the greatest in the world, they can take a break now. I doubt they will play this one. It's also a morale server.
  • I hope some normality is restored on this new server so I will give it a try. This game isn't supposed to be won on the first day with 500 accounts, that is some major ****.
  • This marker bug has been going on for years. I turn off all scripts and the problem is gone. It's about time the people who write these scripts fix their dodgy code.
  • It is outdated and an utter waste of money. When the only players in servers are project and potentially Koegy (if he came back to rescue everyone) then it is probably time to quit or move onto another MMO game. Real game companies do stamp down on things like server abuse.
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