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  • World: Tiberium 49. Base scanner results: https://i.imgur.com/PHALCky.jpg In the first row: boxes #2, #3, #9 show the Crystals on the edge. (More in other rows). Picture of base 415:554: https://i.imgur.com/4d5tfMx.jpg
  • cnctaopt.com developer here. Currently, there are no plans to implement an optimiser facility on the cnctaopt.com website - just a bit too complicated for me to code at the moment. There's an alternative option for optimising bases - run a program called "UndStrom" on a Windows based computer. Have a look in…
  • Keep scrolling down ... scroll down past the three large grid layouts ... until you find "Cncopt.com's link:" Or use the browser's Find facility. - Keyboard keys: "CTRL" and "F" .. - Then enter "Cncopt.com's link" into the Find's input box ....
  • Cnctaopt.com website has been updated. The section is called "Cncopt.com's link". Has a large input field for the cncopt.com's link along with a few buttons.
  • cnctaopt developer here. cnctaopt.com can read and process the old cncopt.com's link info. Simply change domain part of the url, "cncopt" to "cnctaopt". Leave the rest of the URL as is. I'll create something on the cnctaopt.com's website for use with Undstrom and other sites/programs that are dependent on the old cncopt's…
  • It is a problem. When I search for "Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances", I see no way on how to play the game. The Locale selector field's value I see/get is "United Kingdom". Who in UK/Ireland/Europe is going to be changing this? Depending on which "Location" value you select, you'd might get the page with the play…
  • You can run the standalone version for cnctaopt's link button while you wait for the script pack(s) to be updated (requires either TamperMonkey or GreaseMonkey). NB: CnCTA SoO script has been updated - but awaiting Google's approval for Chrome users.
  • Didn't realise the MaelstromTools Dev was dependent on the wrapper. MaelstromTools now work with the wrapper enabled. Ignore my previous message where I reported seeing 50+ lines of errors. All gone ... I see that the MaelstromTools Dev didn't come with a base scanner. Added BaseScanner script (v1.91 - my copy) to TM in FF…
  • Which wrapper do you recommend?
  • It was something to do with Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey API stuff. In the latest version (beta) has a couple of API stuff removed. The revised cnctaopt link code also has the https issue resolved. Calculation of resources (on cnctaopt.com) should be somewhat the same (+/-2) - for the new economy worlds. For old economy…
  • AFAIK, it was the cnctaopt's link script - I didn't see any issues when I tested it. However, netquik (on github) asked me to make some tweaks as he/she found a couple hiccups in certain situations. I have revised the cnctaopt link's code - just waiting for netquik to confirm the revised code is working Ok.
  • Used this script with Tampermonkey in Firefox. No other script is being used. Visited Wrath 46. When I click on a camp/output/base, I see a couple of error messages and no loot information. - "MaelstromTools.Util.getResources TypeError: cityUnits.get_DefenseUnits is not a function" and - "MaelstromTools.updateLoot:…
  • Ok. I'll leave out the old economy stuff in the cnctaopt.com for now. If I need the data, I'll use the old cncopt.com site (is it still accurate for old economy worlds?).
  • @Polux37 Can you post link to a world with old economy, please. Tks.
  • Just visited the CnC TA's home page ... cannot see the Play button anywhere ... nor a list of worlds ... In the meantime, can someone post a short cut to the latest world having max level 80, please? (PS I have short cuts to a small number of worlds that I'm somewhat active on)
  • re Missing "Play Now" button. If I use Chrome or Edge, I get what appears to be a test home page. prntscr.com/xedm4l In Chrome, I've flushed out the cache and cookies - no change. Same in Incognito mode. In Edge, a fresh install, no change. If I use FireFox, I get the proper home page. prntscr.com/xedq1c However, if I…
  • Found the link for list of worlds in another post - plus now have a link to a world with level 80.
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