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H2H Ranking Problems

Will Madden 18 have the same H2H ranking problems as 17 still has? And will EA ever fix them for 17? Please see these threads for more info:




  • I think EA does this for DC's. Havent been real clear on it but I think thats what triggers it.

  • You might be right. I usually don't DC but my ranking disappeared after a fluke streak where I DC'd like 6 times in a row because in all those games, because of really bad luck and freak plays, I was down by 21 points in the first quarter. I wonder how many times you have to not DC in a row for the rank to show up again?
  • I just found out ranked h2h games have only 4 minute quarters. Pointless. H2H is the only thing I do on Madden so I will not be buying 18 until they switch it back to 6 minutes. I'll stick with 17, where they STILL need to fix the issue of ranks not showing up or disappearing!
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