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Missing MUT rewards

I am a legendary status mut rewards member. I'm missing my extra patches. I have talked to EA support, who knows how many times. This is my 5th post, since they keep sending me here to get the solution. Can someone, from this awful company resolve my issue before I'm out of time to do the set on the 14th.


  • First time contacting support was the 17th of july.
  • Wonder why this is the link they send me then when I contact ea support??
  • EA_Roger
    1483 posts EA Community Manager
    Hey @bryanlenz ,

    I'm sorry to hear about the issue you ran into on your end however as called out above by @MorningTimeCloud we are unable to resolve account related issues or compensate players on the forum. If someone at EA informed you that we would be able to resolve this issue please forward me the Case ID linked to this interaction so I can follow up with this internally. You can find your help.ea.com cases here.

    The only instance where one of our agents should send you towards the our forums for this sort of case would be to report a bug to our studio, in addition to this I would to add that Bug reports are not collected on this forum but over on answers.ea.com. Here is a direct link: AHQ - Bug report Madden 17

    Reporting in-game bugs allows our studio to gather relevant data on the issue and resolve issues that arise on the back-end where possible. I would like to set your expectations here as our developers will not however be able to intervene individually on these posts or compensate players individually.

    Let me know if you have any questions here.


  • thewest1
    1 posts New member
    Madden 21 is basically a bug
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