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  • I'd like to see a split between multiplayer CFM's and solo CFM's.

    I'd be real interested in seeing what kinds of sliders people are using for more challenging experiences and hearing how their seasons are coming along without having to dig through countless recruiting threads for multiplayer CFM's.
  • How about making all playbooks available for custom roster i paid for all of madden not just part of it please fix
  • Would like madden to add in CFM another option in trades. Let commishes vote on trades to go though like in fantasy football.
  • jjdwyer30
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    edited November 2017
    Could we have a forum specifically for changes/additions we would like to see made to the game?
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  • jjdwyer30
    164 posts Member
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    Also, Spoke to an EA employee about an issue I was having (automatic long sleeves in cold weather) and they told me the forum was the best route to get changes made which is fine, but it is difficult to get traction on the boards. Any suggestions?
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  • Fix Raiders backup quarterback Connor Cook he is a white dude why does he have black arms...
  • Can we get rosters that don't have pre-existing injuries that are updated in play now mode?
    Why do you have players in free agency in play now mode that are on IR? We should be able to edit each one of those injured players and take them off IR... NBA 2K lets you go into injured players edit them and take those injuries off of them so you guys should be able to do the same it's not that complicated I shouldn't have to start a season to play with someone that's Hurt in real life... this has been an issue for a several years if you don't fix this issue and give us the option to take players off IR on play now mode then you're going to lose a customer I've been buying these madden games for over 10 years. Also in a franchise mode can we get options like conference realignment and being able to pick the schedules like completely editing schedules to where we can go in and pick who each team plays each week... that would be pretty cool for a franchise mode...
  • You guys need to fix ultimate team. Everyone runs the same defense where it is impossible to move the ball because of stupid glitchy programming. There’s no way you should be able to call the same play 100 times in a row and it be unstoppable. Same thing on offense if you run a power o or any running play while moving a receiver in motion it’s an automatic 10 yards!! This is unrealistic! You should be penalized in the game by giving up tds or losing a ton of yards by calling the same play over and over and over. Mut squads isn’t the best players who are winning it is the person who has cheated the game or bought their team that’s it you guys really dropped the ball!!! Love playing madden but this has to change or you lost a customer
  • Assassinoflife86
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    edited November 2017
    Would like madden to add in CFM another option in trades. Let commishes vote on trades to go though like in fantasy football. Or make it were u can reverse the trade chain of events. Some people just love trading but u don't want to penalize everyone for one player that has sticky fingers. Or make it to were we can Rodger Goodell the salary cap for future offenders or just lock them. Another idea make it to were u can limit trades like 1-2 per season.
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  • I was never compensated for Most Feared Stamina Booster not working for last 24 hrs of event, Additionally, my player upgrade to ware and Walker never unlocked. I have called several times and emailed several times and never compensated for anything...cmon EA
  • Can we get create a team introduced back into the game? If not that, at least the option to relocate ALL 32 NFL teams.. I would also like to see traditional franchise mode as an option as well, make its way back to the series
  • Why does my points and ranking not exist in madden tourney....this has been messed up since the fear factor promotion started....i payed a lot of real money...American dollars for all those tickets...and was ranked in the top 10....you've managed to get the top 3 back, but not everyone else....if your going to cheat members out of money and rankings just get rid of the game all together....if that isn't your purpose at least gift back the $50 per point madden dollars....the last i checked i had 8500 points plus all the points I've gotten in the tourneys after those....that's the fair thing to do...another 1500 points....thanks kaunani
  • Anybody take note on how unrealistic the defenses are how can a lower rated LB run side by side with my high rated WR? Madden you need to fix this in real life V. Miller could never run down field with Julian Edelman. Let's get real EA never would happen Von would be so burnt on that defensive play but in this game he runs right beside him like he is super Von. so dumb.
  • Can the in game replays for Madden 18 get patched? I bought the game for my regular PS4 (digital) and my Xbox one s (physical) and on both consoles I get choppy in game replays in cfm offline. It's very annoying when I'm trying to analyze a replay and they're stuttering. It even does it when I manually replay a play in the pause menu... sheesh
  • How about somebody actually responds to the post from EA about our questions and concerns? Customer service tells me that if I have a problem put it up on the forum and someone from EA will look it to it and respond back but so far it's been like talking to a wall. ANY way that this can change?
  • Higgwanz
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    edited November 2017
    Why can’t I choose my least favorite Team?! Why am I grinding these Gauntlet’s only to get the same card I already have, or a card off my least favorite team that only disappoints me. You are making peolpe feel ripped off and seem to care little, while being paid by Gatorade and Amazon for advertising. It’s easy to the naked eye that you just veiw gamers as income on a Brand (NFL) which your monopolize. Stop ripping people off and taking advantage of those with additive tendencies, while giving liitle clarity or rewards. Why are you giving out $100 in packs or more, to Twich prime hosts Friday night. Why aren’t you flooding the auctions once a week with cheap Elite players with a 1 per week limit?! This is all commen sense stuff you intently avoid to make more profit from your rip off packs.
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  • You need to institute buying coins in the mobile app....this way I won't have to buy them elsewhere ;)

    Btw, I submitted an EA ticket for a wrongful ban from the AH...can you start moving on that? Not impressed with your turn around time. Thx.
  • I see that the game has a ranked system and one on one for online play. But for a game that is so popular why didn't EA create or think of a tournament bracket mode that friends that can play each other like a NFL playoff system
  • MADDEN18 Early Season Highlights
  • My H2H Games matches are creating losses that never happened. The load screen will not continue and I get a message that says "GAME FAILED TO LOAD!" And when I go back to the Statistics screen I record a loss. This has happened 11 times! Please help me!

    Link https://forums.ea.com/en/madden-nfl/discussion/179933/madden-18-h2h-loading-error-creating-losses-that-never-happened-case-36311419#latest
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