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  • I would love to see draft order standings as well in the off-line franchise menu. With details for example Rams picking fourth overall via trade from the Packers.
  • I know this next one may be asking for too much but I would love to see A players playoffs stats as well.
  • For the few people like me that play decades of off-line franchise one great thing that could be added is your teams Hall of Fame. I've had to write down on paper some of my 12 14 year players stats just so I never forget how great their career was. I wish there is more stat-keeping for legendary careers of players on ur team. Once they retire your stats are pretty much gone unless they broke records

    And I think there should be more of a notification when a player of yours retires I have to go to transactions and retired players just to see if I had any players of mine retire it should be a main menu thing announcement
  • sween5555
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    At the pause menu during a game why is the stat box so big with so little stats on it. Why only the quarterbacks and a tiny picture of their face. The box is so big that I would like to see the quarterback stats as well as running back and top three receivers for each team the box is huge plenty of room to do it
  • madden should add a new game mode called "career". In the career mode they should also add a my field feature, 7on7, upgrading your player and visiting other players online. Its like a MUT Squads but a 7on7 career mode version. Its like 2k but better. if ea add a career mode with online features such as: 7on7, upgrading your player, i believe that madden/ ea sports will make more money. you will hear more about madden instead of 2k and other games.
  • i almost forgot that they should allow you to play in games with you player
  • Explain to me since no one seems to be able to, how can an opponent in Head 2 Head score on me and win before I can even finish up the game? It is not possible...
  • Now that we have our free ultimate Legend give away im missing a new Player I had to wait an extra week just to get my free ultimate Legend giveaway because I was missing one instead of getting a card I had only got 7 and I had to wait another week just to complete the set and I play the game Faithfully morning and night so how did I miss out on a whole card?
  • Ive owned madden since sega genisis and honestly i may never waste money on new versions. My gripes.....the game honestly isnt enjoyable to play as it used to be . The franchise mode takes forever to complete a season and drafting is terrible you basically have to guess even if you totaly scout a player. Online ive played 50 games and not one penalty gets called its likePI was eliminated to make offense more complicatd AI makes completely unrealistic reads and plays on passes sorry but if im playing online i should lose if im worse than the PLAYER not AI graphics and controls are great but gameplay is trash
  • I think a recovery or make up speed for DB should be a attribute and pocket presence for QBs. Some DBs like Deion or Rod Woodson appeared beating and recover to make plays. And some QBs are always aware of what is going on when the pocket breaks down like Ben, Tom, Russell and Aaron Rodgers.
  • Can EA make the camera a little bit further for people who play defense facing the offense. Roughly enough to see safety if playing LB for example. Offense facing defense has all kinds of angles and zoom outs.
  • Me and my friends were wondering if a 2v2 was possible but then realized it wasn't. It would be really cool if y'all could add that in the next up coming Madden.
  • These apps were awesome and came out before madden moblie but are no longer around
  • Was wondering if any1 remembers these apps
  • anybody has a cover 3 beater out of the cardinals playbook? i can move the ball on cover 3 but it is slow and inconsistent. I tried labbing the whole playbook but can't find any good combination to beat cover 3. i also tried youtube but nothing. any would be greatly appreciated, maybe i can share some of my tips too.
  • I posted a while back but it seems EA deletes peoples fair criticisms so here it goes again . 1.Franchise mode SUCKS now drafting you have no idea what youll get even if you scout him fully not even an idea i had the top pick and got a 67 qb THEY proj as HIGH1st 2. Online mode allows AI to really run defenses and make spectacular plays for subpar human players if someone beats me it should be because THEY are better if i want AI to beat me id play solo.
  • trecarver80
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    bring madden 19 to PC
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  • The game looks great, can we focus on the gameplay. Example i played 20 plus games online. The ball gets kick off and it hots the goal post 5 times in a row. Thats predictable game play. Thats not good, meaning there are alot of game play that is the same. Its alot of other stuff that happens all the time. Online play needs to be updated asap. Ultimate team was all that is better in 18, this cannot happen in 19.
  • Add in draft say ur in a league of 32 it takes a min to try and trade then ur time is up. can u add a pre trade kinda like cpu does with counter then people say yes or no to trade
  • if anybody is interested i found a cover 3 beater out of gun tight snugs and it beats cover 3 match or regular easy.
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