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  • How about the ability to edit a draft class. In the old NCAA game you could create prospects. Why not have the ability to create my own QB of the future and try to draft him.
  • HT420
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    I was playin a mut game, got an interception towards the end, my own guy trips me up and they called me down by contact. I thought you could get back up and run if it was your teammate that touched you last? Guess the game is set to college rules, so only one foot is needed to be down for it to count as a catch as well? lmao
  • I was talking with my friends last night during a draft in our connected franchise and I asked them “What if Madden had a mode where you can create your player and play with them online in a 7 on 7 game similar to going to the park in 2K.” They thought it was a great idea and told me I should post it to the forum so here it is. I think it would be fun and a new way to put a spin on the game! Every football lover knows how fun and intense those 7 on 7 games can get!
  • Gingiey
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    edited May 2018
    Is it too late in the development cycle to suggest that I though of a feature called QB pocket sense? I know that development isn't easy but I had this idea while playing. Like when a QB is actually in the pocket (and not just back peddling like most madden players like my self find themselves doing without realizing) he has his eyes down field. But the QB can avoid pressure in the pocket becuase he can sense the pressure coming weather it be peripheral vision, hearing the footsteps, or just having a built in timer of his linemen and how long they can hold a block. But while playing Madden the player has none of this and makes checking the pocket/pressure and voluntary look away from the routes down field and potentially missing threading that needle perfectly in between the safety and cornerback. So all that inciting incident and rising action just to say that simply I believe that when in the pocket the players controller should vibrate when pressure is coming giving them the sense of a collapsing pocket or charging tackler. I feel a majority of players will enjoy such a feature like this in the game. The awareness and experience of the quarterback can determine how quickly your quarterback recognizes the pressure. Maybe it can even be based on where the pressure comes from. If the noseguard dogs the center and guard and charges for you, you get an instant strong vibration, while crowd noise will get you nothing at all when you're about to get blindsided on 3rd down in an away game.
  • In my opinion, the way the player controls, moves, cuts, changes direction all needs to be address ASAP! This has made the game extremely frustrating since the PS2 days. You just can't do what you are trying to do. The movement needs to be smoother and more controllable so you can make precise movements rather than having to plan every move 5 yards in advance.

    This is THE biggest issue with the game by far! No point in revamping Franchise mode or adding to Longshot if it still sucks to actually play the game, ja feel? :).
  • Would/has EA Sports consider(ed) making a CFL game or having a CFL mode in Madden?
  • Bring Madden and more Sports to PC
  • Just wanted to say! I love the new upgrade system in CFM. I will miss the old way but this new upgrade at random is nice.
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