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Progression Glitch

I started the game as soon as it updated yesterday and as I soon as I could get in. After being able to get into the game, I completed the tutorial and all of the tutorial daily goals, only to find myself still locked into the tutorial and unable to access tournaments, promo events, live events, etc. My inbox along with other features are not properly functioning such as the side menu not appearing when I attempt to open it and the inability to back out of submenus using the back arrow in the top right. I have tried all troubleshooting steps and methods with no success. I really want to play and could really use some assistance. Thanks!


  • I am having the same exact issue. I completed the daily events, and the tutorial, twice in fact and it still won't allow me to access my inbox, tournaments, live events, or anything else other than head to head and my league. What can I do about this. I'm really anxious to play but I'm being held back by this.
  • Me too jjmar12!! I have been so excited to jump into the new season and grind, but sadly this happened. Being an avid fan and an anxious person, I called EA support 5 times, only to be told the same old troubleshooting steps and given false hope by saying a fix will come out by the end of that day. I was eventually told that it was a server-side issue and to address the forums. Not only have I still not gotten a fix, EA won't even address it on Twitter or give any status update of any sort, leaving it sort of indefinite as to when this will be fixed. Hopefully it gets fixed soon. I know one of my friends was having the same problem, but later in the day he got in.
  • I have this same issue. Completed all tutorial daily goals but live events, auction house, and numerous other things are still locked. Is not a problem with my device because my other account works fine but my main account is stuck unable to bypass the initial tutorial daily goals since release date.
  • Same exact thing here jporcaro.
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