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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Roster and Ratings Discussion.

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Please discuss all of the Buccaneers roster and ratings in this thread.


  • Well it's a new year, a new Madden, yet the Buccs get shafted in speed.
    WR Godwin runs a 4.3 at combine 91speed?
    LB Beckwith out of LSU from the SEC true coming off torn ACL but making TFLs, 79 speed?
    C'mon man! not mention all Mike Evans does is run by guys and he get's a drop in speed?

    It's becoming apparent certain key attributes are more about the logo on the helmet and perceived hype, just saying.
  • Godwin ran a 4.42 at the combine, and his speed is the same as CMC who ran 4.48. They might have just been cautious to make him faster because he could struggle creating separation at times in college. With criticism of his route running as one of his biggest weaknesses though, I think that might have more to do with it. On the other end of the coin he has great catching stats for a rookie, and not many defenses sport 91+ speed DBs.

    Not sure Beckwith is too slow. He ran a 4.72 40 in college, and was clocked all the way up to a 4.92 I believe at some point. His speed being a concern was part of his draft profile, at least side line to sideline. It looks like Tampa will use him as a inside run stuffer, which should be the best use of him in Madden too.
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  • I hear you however never seems this logic is applied to ALL teams.
    By the way, Godwin will take care of himself after a few roster updates.
    Beckwith passes the eye test on field. You do know he's coming off and ACL injury sooner than expected which may have impacted combine results.
    He too will hopefully force better ratings as he gets NFL game film out there.

    However, one guy who has the tape yet seems to be held back is Cameron Brate, 2nd in league last year for TDs for TEs.
    He's slower than vet Luke Stocker a career blocking TE. Cam did get some catch love finally.
    He still needs some route running and should be at least 84 speed. We all know unless you have very high route running and AWR you not getting separation with 79 speed from most LBs let alone Safeties.
    I don't expect Witten love as Witten routinely runs away from very fast LBs soley on route running on ins, outs, and corners.
    Brate should be able to create separation for making catches.
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