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Minnesota Vikings Roster and Ratings Discussion.

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Discuss the Vikings roster and ratings in this thread.


  • Will someone please post a CAP for C. J. Ham - Full Back Minnesota Vikings - PS4?

    Probably from Madden NFL 17, I am new to PS4 this season

    Please post just in case he is not added in the first roster update.

  • Anyone have a CAP for C. J. Ham - Full Back Minnesota Vikings - PS4?
  • C.J. Ham is the starting fullback for the Minnesota Vikings, yet he doesn't even exist in the game. I have the latest roster download and we are past week one now. Kind of unacceptable that professional football players don't exist in a football game.
  • Can you give us injury free updated rosters...
    I like to edit my rosters completely before starting a franchise mode... but the way you put players on IR locks them on there team and there not even available when u do the play now mode... I just want updated rosters with no injuries even if it's giving us a choice where we pick between rosters with injuries that are updated and rosters without injuries that are updated... please and thank you...

    Please add Vikings Quarterback Kyle Sloter in next roster update.

  • Please please please increase Thielen and Diggs catching and catch In traffic. For being top NFL WRs they drop way to many passes
  • Please add Tight End Nick Truesdell to Vikings roster on next roster update if possible.

    Thank you
  • I'm sorry but the entire O line of the Vikings is rated completely terrible. 75 66 71 81 78. That's awful. I mean a 66???
    Eagles have 89 76 89 90 90. Not even close
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