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Chicago Bears Roster and Ratings Discussion.

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Please discuss the Bears roster and ratings in this thread.


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    ALL INFO FROM http://chicagobears.com

    ADD TO ROSTER - (Or remain / add to Madden 18)

    #19 Tanner Gentry WR - Needs to be added to Madden 18 PLEASE!!!!!! Will be next to move up on roster
    #73 Jenkins, John DL/DT
    #69 Coward, Rashaad DL - Needs to be added to Madden 18
    #58 Anderson, Jonathan LB
    #84 Braunecker, Ben TE
    #60 Greene, Brandon OL - Needs to be added to Madden 18
    #36 Houston-Carson, DeAndre DB
    #47 Irving, Isaiah LB - Needs to be added to Madden 18
    #68 Joseph, Dieugot OL - Needs to be added to Madden 18
    #63 Lee, Cameron OL - Needs to be added to Madden 18
    #53 Timu, John LB
    #49 DePaola, Andrew LS
    #33 Mizzell, Taquan RB
    #18 McBride III, Tre WR

    ADD WEIGHT to......
    Robertson-Harris, Roy DL 6-7 294 LBS ONLY 268 lbs in game. ALSO MOVE to LE currently at LOLB in game

    Floyd, Leonard LB 6-6 251 LBS ONLY 240 lbs in game. ALSO MOVE to ROLB currently at LOLB in game

    LT Leno, Charles - Just signed a huge deal
    WR White, Kevin - Underrated in game
    ROLB Floyd, Leonard - Underrated in game
    C Grasu, Hroniss - Underrated in game

    RB Langford, Jeremy
    OL Richardson, Cyril
    FB Stevenson, Freddie
    WR Cruz, Victor
    WR Braverman, Daniel
    TE Pruitt, Mycole
    DL Wilson, C.J.
    LB Skutna, Dan
    LB Sheppard, Kelvin
    CB Webb, B.W.
    CB Banks, Johnthan
    S Jones-Quartey, Harold
    K Aguayo, Roberto
    S Prosinski, Chris IR & Released
    OLB Houston, Lamar IR & Released
    25 Carey, Ka'Deem RB IR & Released
    9 Shaw, Connor QB IR & Released

    All on IR......
    32 Hall, Deiondre' DB
    64 Kush, Eric OL
    81 Meredith, Cameron WR
    67 Morgan, Jordan OL
    82 Randle, Rueben WR (Feel free to remove from roster)
    48 Scales, Patrick LS (Feel free to remove from roster)

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

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  • Can you give us injury free updated rosters...
    I like to edit my rosters completely before starting a franchise mode... but the way you put players on IR locks them on there team and there not even available when u do the play now mode... I just want updated rosters with no injuries even if it's giving us a choice where we pick between rosters with injuries that are updated and rosters without injuries that are updated... please and thank you...
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