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Videos for madden cash is an advertising scam

I watched 20 videos 2 nights ago and only received madden cash for 5 of them. Today I watched 7 videos and got rewarded for 5...on the wrong account! I have 2 accounts and most of the time when I watch a video on one account, it doesn't show up. Then I log into the other account and boom! There's the madden cash. Except not all of it. I've received less than half of the cash I've watched videos to earn so far this season. I called ea, and I took a video of me watching 7 ads in a row and only getting paid for 5. They told me to post my issue on here. They have absolutely no interest in seeing my video proof. I hope someone can resolve this issue as I have been screwed out of at least 200 madden cash already this season. Thanks ea!


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