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I was happy to find formation subs under coaches option although, the offensive formation subs does not work. I do not see the new options that were talked about earlier such as DB assignments (best DB assigned best WR). Is that in the G.O.A.T edition and not in the $60 edition?

Also, when scouting during the season I would usually set the list to not scouted and scout the first attribute which would move the player off the list and drop down to the next player. That function does not work now. Just an observance.
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  • Same here, I looked for the "coaching adjustments" feature that was mentioned, and can't find it in offline CFM
  • Coaching adjustments are in that part of play call where you choose "run/pass counters" "play type" and other stuff... can't think of it right now. If you are in the playcalling screen, you need to back out all the way to the beginning.
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