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Franchise Player Training XP

I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but I seem to be having an issue with earning the correct amount of XP from the training. I'm currently doing a single-player franchise mode (only playing as a HB) and I have the EXP sliders to 300%. The problem is that I should be getting at least 5880 for bronze, 6720 for silver and 8400 for gold. However, even though I get gold (or silver or bronze) on the training drills, I get significantly less xp (like only a couple thousand) (much less than bronze). Also, there's a red square that surrounds the medals each week that changes (this week it could be bronze, the next week it could be gold). Is this a glitch, because I find it would be absolutely impossible to upgrade the important attributes since they cost more than 10k xp (not to mention the speed attributes which costs like 17-20k+ for each point upgrade!)? If anyone could help, that would be great! Thanks.


  • I wonder if the sliders only affect certain XP gains.
  • I suspect that is a possibility. It seems like it only affects the XP you earn on the field. So what's the point of the training sessions then if you earn much less than what you're supposed to get? RIght now, I'm simming all the training sessions because I can't be bothered with getting only a few k XP even if I get bronze (which should give me 5k at least).
  • You still get more than you would otherwise.
  • Only get more XP from field-based goals, but not training. Aren't you supposed to get more from training as well?
  • m18 franchise mode is not awarding all xp for gold. should be 7000 only received 4k which is less than bronze lets get it together EA.
  • one year later and the same issue is still happening. Played franchise player training and received gold for 8400 xp and but was awarded roughly 4000 so it is cutting everything in half. Played a season game and it showed I earned 6600 but received around 2800. I have not changed any settings and am in season 3, it was working just fine up until the end of season 2. It is not worth even continuing to play if I am getting screwed out of half my xp points, making it impossible to upgrade my player anymore.
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