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Play-as-a-player, player never plays

Made an offline CFM where I'm playing as a running back. I'm 3rd string on a team that should be a run-heavy team. I've tried the following:

1) Play a game normally, with Instant starter off. After several games, I played every punt and kick return, but 0 offensive snaps.
2) Sim games (like I had to with Madden 17). After half a season of this, I check and I have 0 attempts.
3) Turn on instant starter. I'm still 3rd string and the above two scenarios (where I get 0 offensive snaps) plays out.

I understand that as a UDFA rookie I shouldn't see every snap or even be the #1 RB. However, I should at least get a handful of snaps each game. I should get enough snaps that my season goal of rushing yards is reasonable, and that I can have a chance at achieving game goals and drive goals to earn XP. As it stands, 99% of my XP comes from training, and I don't even bother playing the game.

Alternatively, if the game is just going to make me a kick/punt returner until every other RB on the roster is hurt, my game and season goals should include return yards.


  • I have the same issue, I believe. When I make an Offline CFM, me as either a WR or RB, When the center snaps the ball my RB won't protect QB or run his assigned routes by himself, same with the WR and TE's Is this a glitch in the game or is this the way it is now?
  • I believe that's the way the game is now. I don't mind it (although I wish there was an auto option), what I do mind is it's tough sometimes to see my wide receiver. I've also tried to hit X-Square (to snap and engage the shifty release option), only I'm not ready to snap yet, so I bring up the audible window, and because I'm in Chew Clock mode it takes too long to get out of it and I get a false start.
  • Sorry, delay of game*
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