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Another year and player ratings mean nothing on All-Madden? Finally you make a phenomenal football game but on the level of game play that you are expected to be challenged its just more ****...

I expect the drop passes, cpu breaking every tackle, every qb performing like Tom Brady, every defensive end Julius Peppers in his prime, we get it ... but a 95 speed receiver cant get separation from a 85 speed corner one on one with no safety help... gimme a break..

I have to resort to playing on All-Pro so i dont get frustrated.. I dont run the same plays, i mix in the run with the pass but on all-madden none of that matters.. i see how the defense lines up i make my adjustments but they dont matter because if i get a little space and get ready to throw the ball my linemen get beat even though they are overall rated higher than the defensive line men..

Good job, at being consistent with the ****!


  • This is just how it is, they can only program the AI to be "so smart" and in an effort to make it "harder" they have to make the cpu as OP as possible, and on the other end they dumb down your players. I too find this too frustrating to play with, I am losing my mind in these solo challenges as is, with Randy Moss dropping in routes.

    But sadly I think this is the only option they have.
  • I'm a 20 year all madden player who moved to all pro. Best idea ever. I've won some, lost some and above all else ... every game has been different. I should have just done this 2 weeks ago.

  • This is what I mean about the ****... how is my whole defensive line flat on the floor, he broke the tackle in the backfield, but he runs into my guy laying on the floor a true physics engine would have had him trip and fall face down... this is where the frustration comes from.
  • I expect them to get away from this stuff with their new physics engine, but unfortunately their scripting has as prevalent as ever
  • Of course, the whole thing with "simulation mode" was supposed to address this. "Players will play to their ratings." That line is the biggest nonsense EA fed to us.
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