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Is there anyway to skip these annoying cutscenes after every play? Almost everytime my guys line up to the field, I keep seeing the stupid coaches instead of my guys!!!!! I want to immediately see my team instead of stupid cutscenes!!!!!! I will never buy another Madden game again if this isn't fixed!!! Why don't developers have common sense? Give an option to disable cutscenes for the people who don't want the cutscenes!!!


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    Hey RNeff9988,

    Great feedback. I know that some folks aren't fans of the presentation. You do know that you can long press A in between each cut scene to skip it right? Just wanted to pass that little Pro Tip in case you didn't know.

    Definitely understand the concern and having the ability to complete disable presentation mode would be great if you want to play solos, etc.

    Oh, also there is a Quick Presentation mode that skips most of the graphics. You can find it in the beginning of every solo where the accelerated clock is as well.

    Just some tips for now.

  • cmccart42
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    edited September 2018
  • Hi, I'm on PC, but long-pressing A isn't working. Can you tell me the button for that?
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