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Simulation=more scripted than ever

Title sums it up. Players do not play to their ratings, crazy stuff happens to "simulate" the experience of a football game. Which I get it, makes sense, kind of. But when the CPU ai is so stupid, and can't find an open receiver, to "simulate" a completed pass by having the CPU throw to a covered receiver and have my defense run away the moment the ball is thrown is not a "simulation". Sure, it "simulates" a completed pass.. but in a horrible messed up unconventional and unbelievable way.


  • Thanks for pointing this out, i hope someday it will generally be accepted that the games are heavily scripted. I find that it's almost pointless to play defense since the cpu will either play brain dead and stop itself or become invincible and nothing can be done to stop it.
  • Quid2Facis
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    The game is scripted, but you can avoid weirdness. You can leave all sliders at their default. Create new playbook from team's playbook. Expand plays to include more from sets already included. Defense plays can be left at half star. No offense play needs more than 3 stars. Put some thought into the playbooks.

    Set quarter length to 15 min. Accelerated clock to 11 seconds. Very slow animation and rookie level.

    When you game plan just take away the thing the offensive player does most. Stick 17%? Use Cover 2. Who is defensive threat, OLB? Then game plan to run inside. You can also look at coach goals to get advice. Coach says they have a bad offensive line, then switch from Cover 2 to Zone Blitz.

    Edit: Prior to preseason find highest OVR player of each opponent. If WR/TE/QB game plan defense against pass. If RB the run. DL/LB run against them. CB/S pass against them. If two players are equally the highest OVR and one says run while the other says pass. Do neither: game plan special situations instead: Blitz Counters, Punt Block etc.

    Now spend every XP you can. I would stick with injury, toughness, and core skills.

    Edit: Wrong. Only spend XP of players who actually gained XP in practice. Focus Players gain XP but unless they also gained XP from practice do not spend their XP. In preseason spend XP on injury and toughness only for Starters (everyone who's picture is immediately showing on franchise table). Everyone else spend on top recommendation, one at a time per player. Keep refreshing recommendations until gone. In regular season do the same but ignore injury and toughness and spend everyone's XP on top recommendations.

    Now your ready to sim. Be sure to pull up your correct playbook, playbooks also have memories so it's difficult to use same game plan against same team. By halftime the AI will have adjusted. You simply need a game plan to get a leg up. A good game plan will result in no lasting injuries for your team.

    Slow sim it til end of game. It'll look like a football game with normal stats. You won't have weirdness because you didn't mess with sliders.

    My opinion is ALL the things you do from game planning, changing a players position, depth order, etc determine the scripted result. The animation is only an entertaining way to show the result.

    Avoid reordering roster until after game is played for that week. Try not to repeat practices from week to week. You eventually will have to with defense.

    If you don't want to deal with all that you can just advance to next week. The only thing that seems to matter there is a player's overall rating. A normal or fast speed sim appears to be a balance of the advance to next week and slow sim.

    The slower your sim the more thought is required about everything.
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