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You know you're gonna lose

Every so often (like once a week) you play a game that you know you're gonna lose. You just have to chalk it up to 'it is what it is.' Played a CFM game against the Cardinals that I lost 24-23 or something like that. I even picked up a safety at the end of the half and still lost. How?

Let in the 4th quarter, I score a TD. Sweet!!! If I kick the XP, then the AI will need to hit a FG to tie and bring the game into OT. The moment I knew I would lose this game: the AI blocked the XP! (I guess I can't get too mad... I blocked one earlier the game)

On the ensuing possession, Palmer goes like 6-6. I'm not really sure... after the first two, I kind of just put the controller down and played on my phone because I know how this script goes.

The media let me have it in the postgame presser!!


  • Yup. It could be 1st quarter 0-0 and I know when im gonna lose. Can usually tell by crazy amount of dropped balls, your D not reacting to much, and fumbles.
  • I had a punt blocked last night. And I was also INCREDIBLY surprised on another play when the player I was controlling actually got behind the line during a FG kick. "Whoa! I could have actually blocked that!!!!"

    I'm not upset I got my kick blocked... I'm just pleasantly amazed that it's even possible! You could occasionally get a block in 2k5... but I don't think I've seen a Madden block since about 1995.
  • Last night, Brian Hoyer went 6-6 in the first quarter... I just simmed the rest of the game.
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